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    I tried to generate a new theme by copying "themeDetails.theme" file and calling:

    ./bin/ verticalbase.theme

    Result is:

    Exception in thread "main"...
  2. In my examples it only updates the List if you call clearFilter() on the store first and
    then add the filter manually by filter() call. Afterwards call refresh() on the list cmp reference.
  3. I'm not sure. It only appears for App packed with Sencha command and Sencha Touch in it. Maybe it has something to do with the packager API (Native wrapper JS api internally when chaning the...
  4. Re :)

    I have a List component instance bound to a store.
    If I click on a button I filter the store by filter() (btw: there is another problem: You need to call clearFilter() anytime before...
  5. Thanks!

    Now it's possible to scroll ("mousedown" -> drag cursor left/right and it does scrolling now) so that I can see the additional content. But it scrolls back to the leftmost (left: 0px)...
  6. I want to have my DataView scrollable horizonally. Normally it is only scrollable vertically.

    var topicView = Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
    store: {
  7. Both, Panels using Ext.layout.Card and the Ext.carousel.Carousel component have problems to display the right component when using next(), prev(), setActiveItem(cmp).

    Every time I used the API I...
  8. Would be nice to have an emptyText to be configurable if the store has no data.

    Thanks & Regards
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    @rob: Compared to Sencha Touch 1.0; Compared to PhoneGap and using jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch 2.0 currently is a snake compared to a ferrari in terms of performance ;) (PhoneGap+jQuery is...
  10. Hi,

    I've faced a shocking situation some minutes ago and thats reproducable.
    If you package an App using "sencha package run *.json" with iPad as Device target
    the simulator comes up normally....
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    Great! For me that works now too.
    Also fixes the: "iPhone Distribution: no identity found" bug.

    Just wanted to inform you that the "phoneStartupScreen" isn't working at all for me.
    I'm using...
  12. Hi,

    there is a timing issue in Ext Core when it comes to add listeners.
    It's a common behaviour to have listener functions that become available
    to the interpreter at a time AFTER addListener()...
  13. yep, that's because the callback function is not applied to the getSubStore() method when called on instances of will debug that tomorrow, since I need that to be working.
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    Ext.container.Viewport in PR3 docs result in a CouchDB error :)
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    Yep, this happens not only in case of EventManager.
    For example in the grid etc. there are serveral references to Ext instead of Ext4 too.

    There are calls to:
  16. Hi,

    there are multiple panel / collapse bugs.
    If I put a panel (region: north) inside of a window (border layout);

    - collapsed: true works, but if you try to collapse again, to open the
  17. re,

    the headers of the Grid are created in Ext.grid.Section which does not receive the preventHeader configuration currently. So the override to transmit the configuration to the section will be:...
  18. Hi again,


    xtype: 'gridpanel',
    preventHeader: true
  19. Hi,

    in class Ext.window.MessageBoxWindow (ext-all-sandbox-debug.js:76501) the reserved word
    float is used as css style definition. This breaks the execution of JSBuilder.


  20. Okay ;) - pr2 solves the bug in nearly the same approach =)
    Good work!

    Thread can be closed.

    Best regards,
  21. Hi!

    I traced a bug through the library back to the core method named above.
    The bug can be recognized in action in the pagination examples of Ext4 pr1 for example.
    You will see that the...
  22. Re,

    for sure, here is the full source code:

    It's the untouched "forms" example of the Sencha Touch.

    Debug trace:
  23. Okay, that could be interesing for you all using PhoneGap and Sencha Touch. It seems to be a memory allocation problem. WebView loads all Sencha and program data into it's own memory space. (App...
  24. Hi all,

    I tried a lot of examples now (0.91) in iPhone simulator (iOS 4) now. They are working fine at all.
    But if I install them on my native device (3GS), iOS 4 (0.91 Sencha) the app starts,...
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