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    In the end of the blog post from August, it says that a version 1.2 of Ext will be released. Was that a mistake? Anyway, is there a release date for version 1.1.2?

  2. Some of the util functions would also be nice :) Main thing is that Ext 1 is still usuable in the next generation of browsers. So that we don't have to include custom fixes like:

    /* Date Picker */...
  3. Are there going to be an Ext 1.1.2 release?
  4. Nevermind. I found it:
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    It's just that UTC time doesn't work consistently across browsers. You have to be sure that your users have updated their browsers or have correct timezone (which they don't know about) and doesn't...
  6. Is there a link to that page other than here?
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    What you have outlined is exactly what I suggest. That way it doesn't matter if the client machine is set to a wrong timezone. If you keep the normal DateTime formatting you will get a...
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    I think Brian meant that he checked in a fix in the svn. You'll need svn access to get it, ie. buy a developer license. Kinda "not-nice".
  9. Would be nice to have a historic download page.
  10. {bump}
  11. This behavior is noted with the YUI (2.2.0) library as Ext JS back end. Also when selecting elements in versions from 1.0.1 and below, newline characters was omitted and therefore not a problem.
  12. isBorderBox chokes on newline
    When a selection of elements is made from the DOM, e.g. It often happens that newline characters get selected as well, i.e. the HTML has a newline...
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    Just a heads up. The demo link doesn't work...
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    Also, you have in line css which is bad for end-developers (like me ;)) It's much better to use CSS classes and add a CSS file to your component. That way you can define a default look and feel while...
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    One quick thing I notice is that the background image is set inside the PowerWizard component. I don't think that's a good idea to have that as a default value but maybe that's just me.

    Is it...
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    Can you post the CSS that effects the ComboBox?
    You can use the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar
  17. Posted in new thread:
  18. Hi all!

    I want to have a layout (in a BorderLayout.Region container) that is split into two columns. The second column should be 120px and the first, fill the rest of the space. This works well...
  19. Thanks to both of you!
    Animal, your code works like a charm.
    I'm almost there but I have a seperate issue. I want to have a layout (in the container) that is split into two columns. The second...
  20. Exactly!
  21. I'm afraid I haven't done that before. How do you suggest I do that?

    //pseudo code
    border: false,
    defaults: {
    height: 123,
    border: false
  22. You should put all the code that doesn't tamper with the DOM (that's the HTML) outside onReady. And all the code that either triggers code that modifies the DOM or access the DOM inside an onReady.
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    How will you make sure that your users will have the same timezone?!? Most people don't even know about it. I know this from bitter experience. Please don't do the same mistake.

  24. Actually no. Something like the images I've attached (it's from a windows app that I'm converting to web) . As far as I see, there is two problems that need to solved.
    First, applying buttons to the...
  25. Hi all!

    I've searched the forum in vain for a solution on vertical aligning buttons in a panel. Do you know how or is this a overlooked subject?

    Regards, Jon.
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