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  1. Any update on this issue. I wanted to add a loading mask on text field. I have managed to make change and add loading icon.

    What I want is separate loading mask per component. For Grid default is...
  2. It's a standard windows 7 installation not VM. IE version 8.0.7601.17514. I dont have any other plugin installed except gwt since I dont use IE but we do support IE. Let me know is there any way I...
  3. I can reproduced this will examples-dev using IE8. Open Message Box and click on confirm.

    Please see attached snapshot. which shows that I am running latest Nightly build and issue with Info.
  4. I am using IE8 with gxt 3.0.0
  5. Browser resizing doesn't behave smoothly with legend.

    public class MySampleApplication implements IsWidget, EntryPoint {

    public Widget asWidget() {
    // reduce...
  6. We are using PieChart with Legend. We have some names which are longer and it renders beautifully when it is a fully maximized.

    When user resize browser it gets cut off. Is there any way we can...
  7. Yeah i have to do the same after setValue , I validated and redraw. I reported so they can fix this behavior.

    If you ran this example in IE and change value of combo box it show Info on right hand side of corner but it's not readable.

    How can i make...
  9. run following example once you start your page enter invalid character and it will reset it's values again but it doesn't get reflected. I am setting same value again to field every 10 second.

  10. dateField = new DateField(new DateCell(), new DateTimePropertyEditor(DateTimeFormat.getFormat("MM/dd/yyyy")));

  11. I looked at code. we are not setting it at all.

    feels like GXT 3.0 is not well tested.
  12. how can i set userQueryCache = false in Combo box? it is private in combobox cell
  13. 080.png
  14. 080.png 080.png 080.pngIf you run this example and put your mouse curse in middle of...
  15. How can i do it with GXT 3.0 I have above css in my file but it doesn't get picked up
  16. Actually I am using that version. I will try 3.0 from maven repository
  17. is this fixed? I am still seeing this issue.
  18. This is happening to me as well. It's only happening with ScrollableLiveGridView. If I used BufferView this doesn't happen.
  19. it worked thanks.
  20. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="gxt/css/gxt-all.css"/>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="AdminConsole.css">
  21. This works if i put that line directly in to gxt-all.css but if i copy this things into myhtml.css it doesn't work.
    can you help little bit more first time dealing with css.
  22. Thanks I am wondering what is it's .x-grid3 . what is significant behind 3
  23. When I do filtering in grid. column header changes to bold and italic. is it possible to change it's color as well.
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    I am using loader to load data in combobox but it's a small data and i dont have remote sort.

    how can i change combobox mode to local. mode has private access and there is no method to set...
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