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  1. I've found this solution:

    init: function() {
    for all <div> children of body {
    var e = new Ext.Element(d);
    e.addListener('click', this.clickHandler, this);...
  2. Hi,

    I have some nested DIVs. I create and Ext.Element for the top level one and I add a listener for the 'click' event. In my handler, I'd like to get the top level DIV in my event handler,...
  3. Indeed, I should have scrolled a bit lower... Thanks for the answers anyway!
  4. Hi,

    I'm facing the following problem:

    In the documentation of Ext.Element.addListener(), the second parameter to the handler function fn(evt, el, obj) should be an Ext.Element.

    Instead, the...
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    Also, Open Flash Chart is going JSON:

    The data format read by Open Flash Chart 1 is a bit weird :-)
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    This project looks cool too:
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