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  1. Hi, I managed to workaround the compatibility...


    I managed to workaround the compatibility view problem by doing the following:

    1. Set HTML DocType (this step might be optional, I'd have to test it in more detail)
  2. [FIXED-691] Combo.initList() variable intialization error

    Hi Ext-JS Team,

    please have a look at the initList method of the combo class. Shouldn't there be a comma instead of a semicolon after "var cls = 'x-combo-list'"?

    // private
    initList :...
  3. [INFOREQ][Ext 3.x] TreeNode.ensureVisible() fires 'click' event

    Hi ExtJS-Team,

    when calling the ensureVisible() method of TreeNode for some strange reason the click event is fired. My code worked just fine with Ext 2.x, so I guess that must be a problem of the...
  4. [FIXED-673][ext-3.1.2] AsyncTreeNode.reload() error: this.parentNode is null

    Hi ExtJS-Team,

    when calling the reload method of an async tree node I'm getting a javascript error (this.parentNode is null).

    After analyzing the code I think I have found a possible cause...
  5. [FIXED][2.x] Minor Leak in PropertyGrid/PropertyColumnModel

    The Ext.grid.PropertyColumnModel constructor apparently instantiates some default editors:

    this.editors = {
    'date' : new g.GridEditor(new f.DateField({selectOnFocus:true})),
  6. [2.2] AsyncTreeNode.reload() Pseudo Leak


    when reloading an asyncTreeNode of my ExtJS tree I can observe in sIEve that the memory usage grows and grows.

    I did the following changes in order to release dom nodes for GC:
  7. [OPEN] Thanks for your patch guig! It helped me to solve...

    Thanks for your patch guig! It helped me to solve some of my IE memory issues. I detected one more problem when using Ext.grid.GridPanel with Ext.grid.GroupingView.
    GroupingView adds an event...
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