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  1. I had the same problem some time ago. I've...

    I had the same problem some time ago.

    I've auto created the dialog, and it happens when I hide it, but it's fixed when I destroyed it. Try using destroy instead of hide.
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    paramMap in ext 1.0

    Hi all.

    I'm testing last alpha2 rev 6 code, and I'm trying to recode some of my test apps, but i can't find paramMap option. I've searched in code and docs, even in this forum, but all references...
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    Pre-selecting a row in a grid

    Hi. I need to pre-select a row in a grid at load. I've tried with getView().focusRow, but it seems not to work. I've search all the forum and docs, but it seems the way to do it.

    I leave part the...
  4. Newbie with a problem with BorderLayout and Tabs

    Hi all.

    I'm very new with yui-ext, but i think that's a great library. I've been done some test, but i've find a problem, and i've search a lot in docs, examples and blog, but i've not be able to...
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