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  1. [FIXED] DateFilter setMaxDate and setMinDate don't seem to be working


    I am using the setMaxDate and setMinDate on a DateFilter object. I am assuming by setting these dates the calendar displayed would gray a section of dates out to not allow the user to pick...
  2. Use Firefox to download the examples.

    Use Firefox to download the examples.
  3. The result I wanted to achieve is the...

    The result I wanted to achieve is the understanding of ExtJS and how communication between client and server is handled with ExtJS in regards to:

    1. Successful communication (Handling data...
  4. ExtJS 2.1Ajax Support and Best Practices

    If you find a better way to do anything in the demo or this document please respond and I will do my best to incorporate it in the demo and in this document.

    EXTJS Ajax Support and Best Practices...
  5. ExtJS 2.1 and Java Demo - ExtJS Ajax Communication Best Practices

    I've been evaluating ExtJS 2.1 as the user interface for my client's next application. During my evaluation I've developed a demo (3 actually) that displays the powerful API of ExtJS. My background...
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