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  1. Solved

    Solved the problem by declaring the store variable within a custom definition for a tree panel called MasterNav and then creating a variable alone for this in the Window Component.
    Hope this helps...
  2. Hi sword-it, I'm afraid that is not working !

    Hi sword-it,
    I'm afraid that is not working !
  3. Problem with Tree Panel - Nodes disappear on closing Window

    I've a window component with a Tree panel. The tree panel renders perfectly during the first time we open it. But once you close and re-open, the child nodes go missing.

    Any pointers on...
  4. Issue Solved using absolute layout

    I've solved the issue using absolute in layout type. Please let me know if there is a better way to do this.

  5. Alignment issue with forms and buttons in Tabpanel

    I have a form inside a Tab Panel. While the form is working fine, I'm not able to figure out the styling part. I've attached the screenshot.

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