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  1. Just to let you know... the same problem with ExtJS 6.0.1

    Am I the only one on 1 million of extjs devs who need a working scrollbar? :-?
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    A workaround could be to override the default css (this works for small and medium sizes):

    .x-btn-icon-right > .x-btn-inner-default-small, .x-btn-icon-left > .x-btn-inner-default-small,...
  3. Same bug for me on v.
    Solved for now overriding 'Ext.grid.plugin.Editing' with defaultFieldUI: 'default'
  4. I don't want to bother you.. but still waiting for some answer about this issue.

    Are you trying to fix this bug? Do I have any possibility to let my app works correctly?

    Please, just answer...
  5. Hello,
    I found a problem using a grid with summary feature + cellediting plugin.

    When I try to edit some value by cell editor something breaks with summary refresh/update.

  6. Here is my bugfix... put it in your app.js / launch method

    launch: function() {
    if ( && Ext.os.version.gtEq('7')) {
    //2.4.2.x iOS7 First rendering bug
  7. Please, do you have any update on this bug?
    Trying and it's still there... :(
  8. I'm sorry, I've just saw it's a duplicate of and it has been fixed.
    Thank you
  9. Hello,
    I see a bug using a breadcrumb with bind on treepanel selection.

    Chrome 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit)

    Test case:

    Steps to reproduce:
  10. Hello,
    I see that locked column + summary feature makes a bug:

    ext-all-debug.js:22009 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

    ExtJS (any theme)
  11. Here a temp. bugfix untill sencha will confirm and fix it!

    Ext.define('', {
  12. +1
    using this code (working on nightly build)

    hasOne: [
    name: 'm1',
    model: 'App.model.M1',
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    I don't know why but using DownThemAll! plugin for firefox, it works!
    For those who has the same problem, maybe try this solution...

    I'm sorry for my monologue.
    Thank you.
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    I even tried using a proxy from USA (I'm from Europe)... but nothing.
    Don't you have other links to test with? Thank you
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    Yes I'm using the link you sent me by email... I tried in several times of day between yesterday and today...
    Just tested it again, and it has been blocked to 9.8 Mb...
    I can confirm my connection...
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    Hello, I'm trying to download the early access extjs 6 zip ( 266Mb ) but the download gets blocked at ~ 9 or 11 Mb... Is there any alternative link?
    Thank you
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    now that you merged the 2 frameworks, what about the future development of sencha touch framework?
    Will it be still maintained?
  18. Extjs: 5.1.1. nightly build 20150323Browser: ChromeWhen I focus/click hover the progressbar widget I get an error (onCellMouseDown)Test case: to...
  19. I've found a bugfix... I've done all quickly so I don't know if this is the best solution:

    Ext.define('App.bugfix.ux.DataView.Draggable', {
    override: 'Ext.ux.DataView.Draggable',

  20. ExtJS version: (20150311) - nightly build.
    Browser: Chrome

    Use a dataview with selection mode MULTI and Ext ux Draggable plugin attached.

    The problem:
    When you try to make...
  21. ExtJS version: nightly build (20150311)
    Browser: Chrome

    In past we found some problem with clearValue and I see you've fixed (

    Now I...
  22. I'm just testing the nightly build and I can't see anymore this problem.
    Could confirm this has been fixed?

    Thank you
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    In the meantime you could use this solution as global fix:

    Ext.define('App.bugfix.form.trigger.Trigger', {

    override: 'Ext.form.trigger.Trigger',

  24. Sorry but I think this souldn't be a normal behavior.

    So what with key/value stores?

    If I have:
    { id: 1, tag: 'foo' },
    { id: 2, tag: 'bar' }
  25. Hello,
    I see a strange behaviour with tagfield and duplicate values when preselected.

    Test case:
    1: go to:
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