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    So far it works based on the little testing I've...

    So far it works based on the little testing I've done.

    From what I've checked, the 'setValue' on DateTime already takes care of setting the passed (originalValue) date/time, so I believe it would...
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    an issue with form reset

    Hi Saki,

    Sorry if this has been discussed before in this long thread ...

    I am using your DateTime ux on ExtJs 3.2.1, but I'm having problems with the 'reset' functionality.

    When loading a...
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    window beforeunload event

    The following works OK in my 3 browsers (FF / IE / Chrome):

    window.onbeforeunload = function() {
    return 'sure?'

    BUT the following (supposedly equivalent) Ext specific way does...
  4. form fields with anchor but constrained between minWidth and maxWidth?


    Is it possible for form fields (e.g. textfield) to have an anchor (i.e. -20) but at the same time be constrained between a minWidth and a maxWidth (when the parent component resizes) ?.

  5. darthwes, Thanks for your input. I'm still...


    Thanks for your input.

    I'm still checking and learning several things about Store, Record, BasicForm and much more.

  6. I thought the DataWriter took care of all this?....

    I thought the DataWriter took care of all this?.

    Should I actually manually execute record.set(name,value) for ALL fields in the form and then do a record.commit()?.

    Or is there a better way to...
  7. Store + Grid + Form, read from memory, write to server


    I'm using ExtJs 3.2.1.

    I hope you can help me with the following:

    + I need to read all my data from memory (pre-cached) - so far, accomplished.
    + I need to write changes to server,...
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    compatible with ExtJs 3.2.1 ?


    I am using ExtJs 3.2.1.

    I have two questions:

    + is BindMgr the best way to bind components and records in ExtJs 3.2.1?.

    + is BindMgr compatible with ExtJs 3.2.1?.
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    PagingJsonStore loses grid selection when changing page?

    First of all, great widget !

    One quick question: is it expected that a grid using PagingJsonStore loses its selection (single row selection) as soon as the user moves to another page in the grid?....
  10. If I configure the DatePickerPlus component with...

    If I configure the DatePickerPlus component with "showWeekNumber:false", it keeps the same width (even though it does not have the week column); so how can I make it reduce its width when week column...
  11. Is it possible to change the size (width and...

    Is it possible to change the size (width and height) of DatePickerPlus?, maybe by putting the day numbers closer together somehow?, via css?, and auto-shrink/resize based on the container dimensions?...
  12. advise on developing ExtJs apps in a "contained environment"?


    First of all, I am very new to ExtJs (Sencha now), and my background is with Smalltalk.

    I would really appreciate your expert advice for the project I'm starting, with the following...
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    i18n / multi-lingual support

    I have a big project coming that requires internationalization (i18n), only multi-language for now (nothing else about the cultures).

    I would use the latest version of ExtJs, so I need an ExtJs...
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