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    Hi , i 'm using kitchensink like base for my project. I know how to change views that are included in /store/Demo.js / like items by ID . But if i create new view , and want to...
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    I have to include /app/view/xxx.js in app.js to work .
    Now everithing is ok with web package and .apk.
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    Hello ,
    I build a project on a kitchensink base. It is working well on the server and on local server.
    But when i go to buld native .apk and package , everything work exept ...
  4. I have a project with ajax.request wich work normaly . But when i start sencha app buid native to package it for android , there was a problem.
    The web package...
  5. I have a script with ajax request and in the web server work normaly. When i start sencha app build native , teh generated web package and the native .apk don't work.
    Can ...
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    Just follow these steps.
  7. I just have done. Thanks again. Reason for hanging on microloader is that looking for logger.js , but when changed in app.json.tpl form 'no' to 'false' and generated from scratch,...
  8. I have followed your getting started notes and now i get compiled both debug and release .apk.
    That is great for me.
    But in both cases (on AVD , and on my Galaxy note ) just start...
  9. This is what we are looking for . Short and clear getting start. I hope will work. Go to try it .
    Thanks again .
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    What is this nimblekit.jar ? Why sencha look for it in C:\Windows\stbuild ??
    What is the problem ??????
  11. I have done so , but no luck.
    Still can not copy src file C:\windows\stbuild/st-res/android/nimblekit.jar
  12. D:\wamp2\www\GS>sencha app build native
    [INFO] Deploying your application to D:\wamp2\www\GS\build\package
    [INFO] Copied sdk/sencha-touch.js
    [INFO] Copied app.js
    [INFO] Copied...
  13. I have tried with 7 , 10 , 15 , no luck.
    I will try on Linux, i hope will work .
  14. I have the same problem. Reading here every day for solution , but no one post it.
    Why from Sencha are hiding .
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    but when click NEXT buton on PagingBar , the extra parameter is not passed !!! Only the first time is passed /
  16. i jus have a box with two checkboxes.
    there is no labels for fields checkbox , but there is a boxLabel beside the box .
    The fields is centered and i want to be left aligned.
    Please ...
  17. This way work. But i think that this is very bad programing practice .
    Please show the smart way.

    function SaveOrder(){

    firstGridStore.update ;
    var grid_rows...
  18. I have to load data for DataView store. Then i create empty data store for the grid.
    With Drag And Drop from DataView I add rows to Grid . Then i want to save all ...
  19. I have data view and a grid . I use Drag and drop from DataView to Grid. I want to save all Grid's rows at once with php scripts, but i don't know how to send to PHP ...
  20. Thanks a lot. I have used your examples to make this working., but i have to make some corrections to work. On...
  21. Yes, now work .
    Any ideas how to drag elements 2 or more times in second dataView.
    With Firerfox selected item is marked , but with IE not, so is hard to see which element is selected...
  22. Should work. But is not work.
    Can any one put working code please.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks a lot !!!
    Finaly working .
    Just the plugin isn not work.
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    I have made some probes , and i find when coment out this lines , code work

    plugins : [
    new Ext.ux.DataViewTransition({
    duration : 550,
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    When store is empty - there is no error. But when store loaded with JsonStore like code above get this error .
    Please HELP !!!
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