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  1. Hi,
    Can you please explain the significance of the
    BLANK_IMAGE_URL parameter i came across in the ext-yui-adapter.js.
    The same parameter refers to the following URL: and...
  2. Hi,
    Can i add a Panel to a LayoutRegion at a specific position?
    Ext.LayoutRegion.add(ContentPanel a)...
    adds the panel 'a' at second position if there is already a panel in the Layout...
  3. Thanks Ian,
    The getById from the datastore works like a dream and
    I have the "columns automatically resize" turned off as learned from the other posts.

    However the problem still persists, is...
  4. Hi,
    I have a 50-70 row grid with about 7 colums (like the array-grid example), i am trying to add / delete / update a row in the grid based on the receipt of a message.
    However when the message...
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    I am trying to implement some custom sorting on one of the columns of the grid. The DefaultColumnModel defines a function:

    public function setSortType(Number col, Function fn)
    Can someone...
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    Oops, mebbe i should look at the code more closely than shooting off my mouth. Lesson learnt.
    Actually the renderer function has to be defined in the function that spans the grid, mine was not (it...
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    on the same note how can i apply renderer on the columns:
    attempts like

    var columnHeaders = [];
    for(var l = 0; l < colHeaders.length; l++){
    columnHeaders.push({width: (l == 0) ? 30 : 150,...
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    Thanks Animal (Wonder y they call u that ) :roll:
    i got it working with the following piece of code

    var columnHeaders = new Array();
    for(var l = 0; l < colHeaders.length; l++){
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    I am trying to render a grid the columns for which are user/server modifiable (stored as user preferences), hence i cannot have a column model like the one defined in the grid example. e.g.

  10. BTW am using the
    XMLDataModel and i understand that i can iterate over all the rows in the dataModel and compare the rowId for each row. However i was looking for a more elegant solution, so can i...
  11. Hi,
    I am trying to update a grid dynamically using AJAX. The rowId for the grid is mapped to CustomerId. To delete a row all the information that i have is the CustomerId (which corresponds to...
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