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    @KimSchneider: +1

    That's exactly how I feel as a (new) paying customer, could not have expressed it better.
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    The 4.0 final documentation has unfortunately several usability issues which make using the documentation very inefficient:

    1. In all preview + beta releases on the top of each Class there was a...
  3. THANKS a lot westy, vadimv, that worked!

    I guess that's the price for going through preview + beta phase ;-)
  4. these errors occur after replacing all beta-3 resources files with the 4.0.0 release files, this is a 4.0.0 issue.
  5. PLEASE Re-open: it looks like this issue still exists in release 4.0.0

    I had to insert

    // <FIXES FOR BETA3 + 4.0.0; REMOVE>
    $ui-body-background-color: #dfdfdf;
    $ui-label: bold;...
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    My lessons learned from all Ext JS 4 preview + beta releases so far:
    MVC API has not reached stability, i.e. any application development starting now using Ext JS 4 MVC will very likely have to...
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    Sorry Sencha, but as a paying customer I feel absolutely fooled by Sencha's MVC architecture.

    Classes and methods come and go (ControllerManager, Ext.dispatch etc.),
    there is absolutely no API...
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    when being on a guide-doc like ext4/docs/guide/application_architecture.html
    the links in the left sidebar linking to API docs do not work anymore:
    instead of...
  9. Due to the number of changes still being applied to the ExtJS MVC package it is probably too early to come to any conclusion, see this thread:...
  10. just a two-liner for people being in despair of the current ExtJS MVC package state and urgently needing something that works out of the box:

    I found relief in the form of backbone.js, a...
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    [Beta 1] data.ServerProxy api cfg object: inconsistent action methods

    * @cfg {Object} api
    * Specific urls to call on CRUD action methods "read", "create", "update" and...
  12. [PR5] localization: only core seems to be localized, there is no 'locale' folder except core/src/locale.

    Will the rest of ExtJS get localized as well? (e.g. Ext.window.MessageBoxWindow,...
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    [PR04] new form examples use deprecated code / Ext 4 Overview guide needs update

    Use of
    buttons[] section in forms is deprecated in ExtJS 4 as stated by user evant in the following thread:
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    [PR3] Ext.Base.statics() inline doc - various errors:

    1. typo 'specicies' instead of 'species' (has already been reported)

    2. Missing 'extend' statement for class My.SnowLeopard
    For the...
  15. @forum admins: please move from 'Bugs' to 'Help' thread, thanks!
    (Now that it's official that buttons[] is gone aka 'it's a feature not a bug' I don't want to clutter up the 'Bugs' thread.

  16. And in many cases this will rather be a problem than a solution, resulting in poor usability.
    Form follows function and creativity needs to follow usability.

    The world is full of software with...
  17. Nothing wrong with disagreeing :-)

    But let's look at some facts:

    In the western world, text is written from left to right and from top to bottom, like this thread / post.
    Due to this, in...
  18. I doubt that I am isolating a very specific case.
    When it comes to working with forms, the 90% case in a form is: buttons at the bottom.

    So 'flexibility' in this case is NOT what a form developer...
  19. well, looks like retrieving a button defined in buttons[] is relatively easy with the new Ext JS 4 Ext.ComponentQuery
  20. I think it is a little bit too early to mark this one as closed:

    When comparing the lines of code in your two examples, I have to say that the last example using config-section buttons[] is much...
  21. In ExtJS 4, buttons defined in config via buttons[] Array cannot be retrieved anymore, because there is no method for easily accessing buttons.

    In ExtJS 3, buttons defined in config-section via...
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    Panel / FormPanel: no config option 'buttons' in the docs

    While config option 'items' (Object / Array) is in the docs, config option 'buttons' is not.
    This should get fixed.

  23. Strange...
    Why then do the Ext4 docs for Component use 'margin' and it works with 'margin' as string and object?

    I currently do not have the time to further investigate, just wanted to point this...
  24. interesting, param 'bodyPadding' is another one of those new config params in Ext4 that did not exist before.

    It might be worth pointing that out in the docs ('padding' defined in...
  25. This is one of those cases where things changed from Ext3 to Ext4:
    - when providing 'layout' as object everything works in Ext4 like in Ext3
    - when providing 'layout' as string with layoutConfig as...
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