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  1. Problem Description:
    Our one of the client request is not served by the server due to some internal error.In this case, we found a JS exception for another subsequent request.After this we are...
  2. try by using layout(true); after adding the components in onrender.
  3. listView.getSelectionModel().select(sM, false);
    Element elem = listView.getElement(listView.getStore().indexOf(sM));
    if (elem != null)
  4. This problem still exists in the following GXT ver#2.2.5

    Sven do you have any update on it
  5. Even today is it not possible to handle the browser close event which is not fired for page refresh?
  6. How can i know that complete tree is expanded? When we call immediately after the expandall method.

    It doesn't work for me

    Thanks in advance
  7. Hi

    I Have a problem with ListView selection text display.. Suppose I have scheduler listview which displays One Time Only, Starting from 10/20/2011 at 15:43:45, Hourly, Every 1 hour(s),...
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    Steps to mask your TreeGrid
    a) Override the After Rendered (onAfterRenderView) method which exists in TreeGrid.Mask the treegrid here
    b) Override the onLoad method in TreeStore.Unmask the TreeGrid
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