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  1. I'm using ExtJS 5.1 with sencha cmd I'm reorganizing some directories, and now I need to rebuild apps. What's the command to reset the sdk directory relative to the app? I tried "secha...
  2. Hmm, doing Ext.require('Ext.dom.Query') isn't working for me. If I wait for my app to load, then run that line in the console, I get:

    GET https://my.server/Ext/dom/Query.js
    [E] [Ext.Loader]...
  3. Actually in 5.1, I don't see Ext.dom.Query at all. There appears to be no way to require it, since it is no longer in the source tree as far as I can tell. That is, I go to src/dom, and there is no...
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    Ok, sure, I'll email Vicki and forward past correspondence.
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    I recently inquired about re-starting a Sencha support contract, but I had some questions that weren't answered via direct email so I thought I'd try the forums.

    Here's my situation: My company...
  6. @ser, what version of ext are you using? I get an error using the files with extjs 3.3.1, although I haven't investigated much.

    @Condor -- isn't the ColumnGroupHeader.js...
  7. I'm using the ColumnHeaderGroup ux as provided in the 3.3.1 examples directory, and generally speaking it works very well. However, in my app I need to detect when a user clicks one of these group...
  8. Further note -- events from items contained in a composite field don't bubble up, even if "bubbleEvents" is set. That seems to be because the ownerCt of the items are an Ext.Container built on the...
  9. Ok, I can see why you would want to be cautious in making changes, but I'm pretty sure my proposed fix wouldn't break anything. All I'm suggesting is changing one line in...
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, but not quite sure what you mean with your last one. Do you agree that the vbox layout should be able to handle panels with 0 height?
  11. Well this is just a contrived example to isolate and demo the bug. In actuality our application is more complex and dynamically sizes the panel, and sometimes for various reasons it happens to set...
  12. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1
    Ext 3.2.0

    Adapter used:

    ext (but presumably affects all)
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    I'd also vote for stability and better testing before releases as opposed to new features. For example, it's all well and good that 3.1 has new features like the TreeGrid, but that's gotta be...
  14. Just a comment on this thread even though it is listed as closed -- Condor's reply about the server response being encoded as html should really be in the docs for the "isUpload" parameter. I spent...
  15. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.3

    Adapter used:

    yui, but I'd guess that this affects all adpaters
  16. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0

    Adapter used: doesn't matter

    Browser versions tested against: doesn't matter (all)

    Operating System: doesn't matter (all)
  17. Jack, thanks for your reply. That's understandable, I can see why you want to keep licensing questions out of the forums. I'll follow up with the licensing mailbox if I have specific questions, but...
  18. Fair enough. It seems clear enough to me also that renting software that uses Ext isn't the same as renting Ext. Still, some lawyer somewhere could possibly argue that renting your app which uses...
  19. This is a follow up to this thread:, which was closed.

    Jack, in this case I disagree with your assessment that there is no one size fits all answer...
  20. @evant, really something as fundamental and simple as this should probably be answered in the forums. If the answer were to be no, meaning you can't use ExtJS or ExtGWT in software delivered as a...
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    Thanks for posting the updated version, that is very helpful. (Really this extension should probably go into the core Ext code, a row layout is just as important as the column layout which is in Ext...
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    The docs for Ext.grid.GroupingView say you can provide a groupRenderer function in the config options. But this isn't true -- you have to add the groupRenderer function in the Ext.grid.ColumnModel...
  23. Thanks for the update huixjan. However, there are still some significant problems with the locking grid in firefox in particular. Here's my sample link, I updated it to use your new version of...
  24. Thanks for doing the port, having the locked columns is a very useful feature.

    However, when I set a column to locked in the config, it doesn't size right initially in Firefox (I'm using...
  25. Bryan,

    Your post is about a month old now and maybe you already figured this out, but I came across the same problem and a search brought up your post. By the time the "beforeclose" event fires...
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