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  1. Behavior has changed in Firefox 23: now the cursor is correct, but the hover status is not properly applied to the button: the background changes only when hovering over the button border.

    In IE9...
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    Hi everyone,

    Our application uses the HtmlEditor, with font selection disabled. The text in the editor appears using the browser's default font (I guess, or at least in my case I get a serif font,...
  3. In my opinion the first important thing is to document this behavior more obviously. It's too easy to introduce a bug because of this, and the error it triggers doesn't make it obvious what the cause...
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    Browser versions and OS

    Virtual Machine
  5. setHideMode did the trick.

    Thank you !
  6. Hi everyone. I'm not really sure how to describe my problem concisely without leaving out important stuff, but I'll try.

    We're using GWT 2.4, GXT 3.0.3 and UIBinder.

    We have a PlainTabPanel...
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    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    3.0.1 (on, 3.0.3 (our project)

    Browser versions and OS

    Win 7-64 pro, Firefox 17 and 18.
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