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  1. Oh, thanks guys, I have solved a problem something about 12 hours ago, but yesterday it wasn't working for sure (we have different times I think):)

    The problem was in app.json, the...
  2. Is this so simple, or so complex, that nobody can answer ?
  3. Hi all,

    Maybe it is lame question, but I think I have missed something important.

    I have just developed some first version of app, and I want to show my results to client.

    I just copied app...
  4. Hi all,

    I have this tab panel :

    Ext.define('DA.view.Main', {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'main',
    requires: [
  5. For anybody who can have problems with this:

    I just did solution only giving itemCls property value, to the list, without using cls property

    just modyfi config of Ext.dataview.List :

  6. can anybody help ?
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    Hi, is this component also works with sencha touch 2, on android and iphone ?

    thanks for answering in advance :)
  8. I am confused about sencha touch 2.1 gauge chart

    I am digging couple of hours looking for some way to get any axes shown on this chart, also label, minimum value, maximum value, and actual value...
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    Could you be so kind and provide some example here or in PM ?

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    Have you found anything ?
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    Any solution for this?

    As u have already told, gauge is useless without axes.....

    I was searching but I have found only ExtJs 4 very nice gauges, unfortunately, not available in Touch 2....
  12. It's working but only partialy,

    When I am typing in serch field, the list is showing me products correctly according to the string,

    but when I am pressing backspace, the list is not filtering ...
  13. Can anybody help me with this without using :

    init: function() {
    'searchfield': {
    keyup: this.onSearchProductsList
  14. Hi all,

    I have xtype: 'productslistcontainer' which extends Ext.Container.

    It contains toolbar with searchfield:

    var searchField = {
    xtype: 'searchfield',
  15. If nobody is going to help me, I have to do it on my own:

    Here is the reason :

    Ext.define('DA.model.Weight', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    idProperty: 'id',
  16. Hi,

    I have chart in Ext.Panel and it looks like this :

    var chart = {
    xtype: 'chart',
    store: {
    fields: ['weight', 'date'],
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    Isn't it, that in sencha touch 2.0 the background was white and 3 dots was showing up asynchronously and now in 2.1 wersion the background is blue and dots are showing up synchronously (3 can be seen...
  18. If you are using Sencha Touch in varsion 2.1 you have to use CMD 3 (latest version is 3.0.2) not sencha SDKTools
  19. That's right, thanks for that :)
  20. Hi,

    I have done this view :

    Ext.define('DA.view.Weight', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'weightchart',
    requires: [
  21. Hi,

    Thanks for answer, I've got rid of two first issues,

    for the first one I used new Cmd 3.0.2
    for second one I have used some flags for chromium

    because I am just testing "Getting...
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    Maybe it's a noob question,
    but is there any difference between Sencha Touch 2.0 and Sencha Touch 2.1 loading indicator while app is loading ?

    when I create 2.0 app the loading...
  23. Could it be the reason of issues appLoadingIndicator ?

    I was searching forum, and someone with IIS on windows has simillar issue. He enabled mime type application/json for his server, and...
  24. But even when I got rid of all tabs in "getting started" app I got this errors, where they come from ?

    It seems I don't have any external links in my app, so why they are here ?
  25. Hi all,

    I have generated app with sencha touch 2.1 and Cmd 3.0

    When I am strarting the app I got this messages in chrome console:

    I am runnign appache2 on Windows 7 (xampp)

    I have...
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