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  1. Hi,

    I have added the meta tag to show the ios6 smart app banner in my sencha we app. The banner shows up the sencha app always scrolls down to hide the safari address bar and smart app banner. Any...
  2. I have a panel with a template like this:

    tpl: 'first name is {fname}'

    Now i update the panel and with null it actually shows the string null. This is not how it...
  3. you need to have a file called .senchsdk for the sencha command to work

    the sencha command looks for this file to determine its actions..

    i created a secha project, move it around and the...
  4. This doesn't work when specified in refs property.
  5. Usings ids is not cool coz if i make instances of this panel then all instances will have the same id

    i could use like a name or some other attribute, but this is an example. i am interested in...
  6. Lets say I have a panel with a few buttons defined like this:

    Ext.define('Desk.view.Case', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'casesPanel'
    config: {
  7. Hi,

    I am defining a writer object like this:

    type: 'json'
    rootProperty: 'resources'
    getRecordData: function(rec){
  8. +1 Thank You. This was it. I was putting the method inside the config object.
  9. Hi,

    The data I get from the server has the potential to have html n javascript which needs to be escaped. I am trying to this on my reader. This is what I have:

  10. Then how come xtype setup works for '' ?
  11. Thanks for the input. Can you share with me how I could figure this out myself. The first thing I thought was to look at the hierarchy chain and see if the class extends from Component. Then i saw...
  12. Replies
    Can you elaborate more on this?

    I am using this command and all tests fail cause it not loading the application.

    sencha test run -p ~/Sites/Desk/app-test/specs

    I have a seperate file...
  13. The data is saving. Its only if I do Cmd+Q to quit the program and when i come back in safari its not there. The last saved item is not there. Now this only happens on my work mac with Safari 5.1.5....
  14. I am trying to extend '' and have my own json reader. Now in my proxies and models when i need a reader i just use the xtype of my extended reader. This is not working. Its not...
  15. I realized that for some reason in safari one of the items stored in local storage gets corrupted and is visible as "undefined". The code in the proxy will read local storage and expect a record to...
  16. I have a store with a model which has a prosy backed by localstorage. When i quit Safari and load the application, the store refuses to load and gives this error:

    'undefined' is not an object...
  17. you can add any customization by overriding the DatePicker. Here when value is null it was setting it to null. So i just overrode it to set it to current Date when its null
  18. I was able to upload it after it was zipped/archived. There is a whole process aroung what can be uploaded from application loaded. Have you created the app in itunes connect and marked it as you are...
  19. zip your app and try again. it won't be greyed out this time :)
  20. I am talking about "PUSH" notifications.
  21. Hi,

    Currently we have ST1 wrapped in Phonegap and using Urban Airship phonegap plugin for Push Notifications. Now we are planning on moving to ST2. How can integrate Urban Airship in ST2 native...
  22. So, In Itunes Connect the final step is to upload the app using Application Loader. In this step I need to upload the binary of the app. Where do i get the binary of the app. I tried selected the...
  23. here seems to be a video on how to deliver the app. I haven't tested it but its seems pretty detailed.
  24. Following the excellent instructions here I am able to make the .app file and test it on my device:!/guide/native_packaging

    Now I need to push...
  25. This is my fix to html decode display values of select elements for when they are selected and shown in an input field.

    * Overrides the select box so the display value is htmldecoded...
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