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  1. Hello All,

    I want to load store using post request which need request body in form of json something like below. I tried params but it is not sending data in correct way. Can someone let me know...
  2. I figured it out. Thanks :)
  3. Can you give me one example. I am not getting how to pass path param during load and save operation.
  4. Hi ,

    My rest calls have path variable like /api/controller/employee/{id} . I want to replace id with value when calling store.load or Any clue how to do that
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    Even this didn't worked
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    I tried but it didn't worked with 4.2 version
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    Is there component to supports tags functionality in Extjs 4.2. We want something as in attach image. On click on plus buttons tag window will open once user select the tag or create the tag it will...
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    Guys I want to achieve something like below image on Extjs. Please let me know how can I do it.

  9. Hi Guys,

    We are facing one issue with tool tips. Sometime after making on click on components which have tooltip , tooltip do not disappear immediately and it keep on showing in next page. Attach...
  10. Complete edit is RowEditor event however I am using CellEditing plugin. So I want similar event for cell editor.

    Rishi Saraf
  11. Hi Farish

    Do you have any idea which event I can fire to update the record.

    Rishi Saraf
  12. Hello Folks,

    I am facing very strange issue of grid editing in IE. I have a grid and to save that grid I have save button outside the grid. Now suppose I edit any cell inside the grid and without...
  13. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone let me know which event get fired when we tab inside extjs grid. Actually I want to call this event.

    Rishi Saraf
  14. Hi Friends,

    I have requirement where I want load a store before launching an application. Is there any way to defer the launch till store is loaded. I am using ext-4.0.7.

    Thanks and Regards...
  15. I think I got the problem convert function is returning null in model.I'll try by removing it.
  16. Skirtle neither of them working, I even removed the listener stills its not working. below are my store and model definition.


  17. Even after using a standard textfield component without renderer its not working.

    text: 'Telephone Area code',
  18. Sure

    Ext.define('SQE.view.components.GridCellTextField', {
    extend : 'Ext.form.field.Text',
    alias : 'widget.gridCellTextField',
    mode: 'local',
  19. Hi Guys,

    I am using cell editing plugin in my grid to edit cell however its not working. I am able to enter a new value in cell but as soon as I click somewhere screen value go and blank space...
  20. Hi Mitchell,

    Can you give me some direction for the drag and copy functionality in grid.

    Rishi Saraf
  21. Hi Guys,

    I have complex Json structure where some of the fields reside in sub objects. When I am trying to access those fields in grid I am not getting a data. Below is a example where I am trying...
  22. Hi Guys,

    In excel to copy content from one cell to other cells of same column we do drag and drop editing(drag and copy).Is it possible to get similar functionality in extjs grid?

  23. Hi ,

    I am looking for some good example to hide default horizontal scroll bar in grid panel and instead used some fancy stuff like in below sites. It will be great help if someone can guide me on...
  24. Thanks I got it :).

    var leftGridverticalScrollbarConfig = leftGrid.initVerticalScroller();
  25. Because leftGrid have scroll as false. After setting it to true your code works :). But I don't want to show the left grid scroll bar. I want scrolling of left grid to be done by right grid scroll...
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