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  1. The obvious call dataList.getItem(idx).setText("XXX") just doesn't seem to work. And again this worked back in myGWT times.

    Viewport mainViewPort = new Viewport();
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    It seems the behavior of IconButton has changed since myGWT times.

    I have a code:
    IconButton filterTypeToggle = new IconButton("filter-type-toggle-startswith");
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    Here is the example code:

    final Dialog testD = new Dialog()
    this.setButtons( Dialog.OKCANCEL );
    this.setHideOnButtonClick( true );
  5. ok, thanks
  6. The setMargin/setSpacing was removed from RowLayout and it seems like there is no good way now to set margins for GWT components added to the RowLayout.
    The setStyleAttribute (that is suggested in...
  7. I'm not sure I'm following you on this one.
    Btw, I've tried to replace List<Serializable> with ArrayList<Serializable> but the issue still present.
  8. Well I don't think it is the case here. I put a String and a Date in to this DataRow for testing.
  9. Let say there is a following class:

    public class DataRow implements Serializable
    public void addValue( Object o ) {
    values.add( (Serializable)o );

    public Object...
  10. What are the plans for the next milestone? Is it going to be beta 5 or RC1 and when is it planned to be released?
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    I'm sorry if this was answered in this forum already, I couldn't find it unfortunately.
    Could someone tell me how can I pull the latest code from SVN?
  12. Thanks
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    looks like now it is always forced, is this true?
  14. Back in the old days there was RowData.FILLHORIZONTAL that would allow for a row of container to be fit in full width horizontally but have a default height.
    I've tried to replicate it with new...
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    It looks like the layout(boolean force) was removed.
    Is there a way to force the layout now?
    It is kind of important.
  16. Thanks!
  17. is this going to be a Ok solution?

    public void onModuleLoad()
    //set theme
    if( StateManager.getProvider() == null ) {
    StateManager.setProvider( new...
  18. I'm wondering what is the right way to set the Theme (let say Theme.GRAY) on load of a module. Basically I want my application to use a GRAY theme by default.
    It doesn't look like I can just do...
  19. The following line of code was causing the problem:

    private Table<RowSelectionModel> tableControl = new Table( new TableColumnModel( new TableColumn[0] ) );

    bad code anyways and was removed.
  20. This is not related to GXT but I thought it might be helpful.
    If you inherit in your module it will break the build with the following error:

    Error:[ERROR] Line 36:...
  21. I've looked at the TableView class and noticed that the declaration is:
    TableView<T extends TableItem> where T is never used in the TableView.
    Could this be somehow the problem?
  22. I'm fighting through the migration process and getting various GWT compilation issues.
    I started pulling my code apart to get at least more meaningful errors from GWT compiler.

    The error I'm...
  23. I don't think that the exception in my second message caused by that code.
    Basically I've removed it all together and still getting the same exception.
    In your experience what could cause the...
  24. I've replaced the KeyEvent with ComponentEvent and the GWT compiler error went away but now I'm getting the new exception:

    Error:[ERROR] Line 36: Unexpected exception while processing element...
  25. submitted a bug:
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