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  1. Thanks.

    I think my problem is more in the construction of my list details. Everything seems right in my controller (references to components, views, stores). My list displays correctly but the...
  2. Thanks,

    I already understood the controller part, I have the following (into the init function):

    '#session-list': {
    select: this.onViewItemTap
  3. Hello,

    Tried in the Kitchen Sink and other examples but couldn't find a simple MVC example with a list/detail taken from a store with a JSON proxy reader.

    Managed to populate the list and get...
  4. The problem was that I was defining many component in separate JS files and called them in my main.js. As I am new to Sencha/Ext development I think the structure of my app is wrong. If I put all my...
  5. Thanks again.

    It is not directly shown.

    I have some cards with different element and when I click on an element, it switch to the card whith the carousel in it.

    I tried your code directly in...
  6. Thanks for your answer.

    I tried your solution (which I already tried before) but it is unfortunately not working.

    The cmp.items.length is correct, cmp.getActiveIndex return me the right index...
  7. I have a carrousel and I want the last item to be automatically selected on startup.

    As it will be dynamically generated, I can't use the activeItem property so I added a listener to do it with...
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