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    Sorry for the late answer but we're finally back to CentOS.

    Here's how to upgrade to Java 1.6 :

    yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel

    Then set 1.6 as the default system...
  2. You can modify resources/sass/ext-all.scss and modify some variables here.

    you can set at the start of the file one of these

    $include-ie: false;
    $include-ff: false;
    $include-chrome: true;...
  3. Thanks AGregory for the feedback

    Based on your example, theres a simple workaround :

    instead of just "tooltip:'blabla'" you need to add :

    id: 'btnID',
    tooltip: {
    target: 'btnID',
  4. same here with Ext and Firefox 19.

    any update on this ?
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    Thanks Scott

    What we have :

    Java version "1.5.0"
    GNU libgcj version 4.4.6

    does this helps ?
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    Hi all :)

    We're using Sencha CMD v3.0.0.288 on CentOS 64bit and we encounter a strange issue :

    [root@xxxx ~/bin/Sencha/Cmd/]$ java -jar sencha.jar
    Exception in thread "main"...
  7. Problem still here in 4.1.1 and no easy way to disable legend click functionnality.

    Any ETA for the bugfix ?
  8. The data is "raw" JSON without a model+reader so i guess yes its a standard string. What's weird is that it works great on chrome/FF and not on IE...
  9. Hi :)

    Not sure if this is really a bug or if i dont use the date filter correctly, but when using the date filter in ExtJS Xtemplates under IE8, the dates are not parsed correctly. I know IE date...
  10. Is it possible to minify a single JS file using the Sencha SDK ?

    I need to incluse an external file in my app and id like to compress it using the already installed toolchain.

    I tried various...
  11. same here :

    [ [2002] : Sencha Compiler Error <> Could not resolve 'type' property from object literal ] :: ( /extjs/js/app/store/ItemStore.js => 21 : 8 )

    Yes, my proxy has type: "ajax".
  12. Hi

    The standard ext-all.css has 2539 rules builtin.

    If you extend your theme with some UIs, yo can grow very fast and reach the infamous 4095 CSSrules limit. and spend hours trying to...
  13. Hi Everybody ;)

    We've finally initiated the Sencha Paris Meetup for all Paris based Frenchies (or not) who love or want to discover Sencha frameworks, ExtJS, Sencha Touch...

    Suscribe the group...
  14. Hi

    Im using complex data types in my records for some fields; It works great in most case except with EditorGridPanel, because when onEditComplete is fired, the old and newvalue are always...
  15. Hi guys

    I released some python class to help you generate ExtJs grids and forms from Django, see

    The doc is not complete, but the code is quite...
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