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  1. Hi !

    I use this wonderfull class in my project.
    I load multiple imageviewers in a lasy carousel, then I can "read" a book. Each page is a jpg and i can zoom in and out.
    lazy carousel :...
  2. Do you mean I shouldn't use localstorage in my app ?

    I've tried the setMetaData method from cordova on Backups/sqlite.db like explain in cordova's doc :...
  3. Hi,

    I received the same kind of message from apple :

    We also found that your app does not follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines, which is required per the App Store Review Guidelines.

    In ...
  4. Hi everybody !

    I've made apps with sencha touch 2, built with cordova and sent in AppStore and GooglePlay.
    I've tried many adserver solution like OpenX, for example. But it's not really made for...
  5. one more time ?
  6. up
  7. up
  8. Anybody ?
    Which adserver do you use in your apps ?
  9. up
  10. Hi,

    My app is created with sencha touch 2, built with cordova and sent in AppStore and GooglePlay. It's a web app which can be downloaded like a native app.

    I want to integrate Adsense and/or...
  11. It does'nt work for me. adXtype is a private method.
    I tried with Ext.ClassManager.setAlias(), but it does'nt work too.
    Does anyone find a solution ?
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    Same issue for me.
    I tried jep's hack but it still does'nt work.

    Changing the xtypes with profile name cause bugs with refs in the controllers and dynamic views creation. I can't refactore the...
  13. Hi !
    I've the same problem with my buttons in testing or production build
    There're two button in my app with different actions. Both references handle the same fonction. I use button.action to...
  14. There's a php example in the full zip file.
    Just a basic upload management.
  15. Nice work, thanks for sharing !

    There's a little bug with cursor style on the "Add files" button with HTML5 runtime.

    I'd like to attach a form for each file upload like the SwfUpload extension...
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    I tried your code, but i've got this error in uploaddialog creation : No fallback url defined for action "create". When defining a DataProxy api, please be sure to define an...
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