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  1. This is very helpful, thanks for that
  2. Can I see somewhere the changes that were done by your fix? As currently I can only see that something was done in a particular file, but not what exactly. This would be really helpful.
  3. Ok I found out why this is happening. I'm using the Maven GWT plugin in my project, thus I used this plugin to generate the archetype. I have a MyApp.css file that was automatically generated in...
  4. I tried it with IE and it has the same issue. I also tried to use the css files and the gxt libraries from the example application as proposed by sven, still nothing changed. I'm really freaking out...
  5. Any ideas why that error occurs?
  6. I have the following structure in my war file

    |- myapp (contains the MyApp.html that uses the css file resources/css/gxt-all.css)
    |- resources
    |- css (this is where...
  7. sorry for the typo, its called gxt-all.css :)
    Are there any other possibilities that could cause that issue that come to your mind?
  8. Yes, I'm using the ext-all.css from GXT 2.2.5
  9. The arrow of each combobox is displaced in all browsers (i tried firefox, chrome, opera). Does anybody know what the problem could be? Any help is appreciated.


    See also the below code...
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