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  1. Breaking open a super-old thread here... In the past couple years - have there been any automated scripts to generate the jsb2 file?
  2. When I search for a component using
    Ext.ComponentQuery.query('panel', root).. it returns back to me an array of panels. If I do that same search, but instead of panel use an alias, it must be the...
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    Was there ever any better solution worked out for this?
  4. reviving quite the old thread... in Ext 4.1 (possibly before as well) you can use
    multi: true to accomplish multiple open panels.
  5. How do I know what events are called and in what order when I do something.

    For example: If I collapse a collapsible panel, how do I know what events are fired (expand, before expand, collapse,...
  6. I'm trying to get a grid to resize with the browser as it changes.. I found the viewConfig property "forceFit=true" which accomplishes this for only the layouts: fit, auto. If you place that panel...
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    reviving an old thread.. but I found one here:
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    Have there been any updates to the class diagram? or a published place on sencha's site for them?
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