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  1. listeners:{
    beforeload:function(store, operation) {
    operation.params.solr = 1;

    Does that work?
  2. The load listener for doesn't override, but it does pass in different parameters. According to AbstractStore, here are the parameters it should be passing:
  3. This should be marked as closed only if collapsible is no longer a configuration option in the docs for fieldset. Furthermore, if it's not collapsible then it shouldn't display the collapsible icon.
  4. We posted about it in the ExtJS 3 to 4 Migration thread, but if you don't see it here's the post:

    Any comments/questions/suggestions should go in here.
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    It's expecting that you do

    var win = Ext.create('Ext.window.TestWindow', {});

    Note the empty object at the end.
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    We had a similar problem. Replace your if(Ext.view.AbstractView) with the following (changes are bolded):

    if (Ext.view.AbstractView) {
    Ext.apply(Ext.view.AbstractView.prototype, {
  7. Edited my original post.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2

    Browser versions tested against:
  9. On the rich chart tip example, I'm able to move quickly between the different points on the series and have the tooltip stick with my mouse. Found it happening on IE9, Chrome, and Firefox 5, and I'm...
  10. Ext.view.AbstractView
    *emptyText: Has the note that deferEmptyText needs to be set to true if the data is locally loaded for emptyText to be shown. This isn't the case.
  11. The list for Ext.panel.Tool's handler config isn't correct in the arguments that are passed. The third argument is an Ext.panel.Header, not an Ext.panel.Panel. This is different from ExtJS 3 where it...
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    May have already been answered, but it's because of the overridden Ext.panel.AbstractPanel.prototype.getDockedItems at the top of ext3-core-compat.js. If you remove that method, your grid column...
  13. The docs for state that the constants for buttons are of the form Ext.window.MessageBox.WHATEVER, when really those are undefined. It should be Ext.MessageBox.WHATEVER
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