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  1. FYI: This has been fixed in svn for both the 3.3.x and 3.4.x branches.

    sortType is now called with two parameters to maintain compatibility with the 3.2.x way of doing things.

  2. This bug is still present in Ext 3.4

    Could someone update us on it's status? It has been reported for a long time with no activity.
  3. The google search returns several examples for setting a FormPanel's encoding type to multipart/form-data. The problem is that those examples are all based on Ext 2.0. Using the code doesn't seem to...
  4. Friendly bump... I'm still seeing this behavior in the latest version in svn: rev 5977
  5. OK. His evaluation of the bug was significantly more detailed than mine. :)
  6. Interesting. Looks like you found the same bug I did.
  7. It looks to me like you have unescaped double quotes in your columnSettings definition.
  8. More information:

    This is happening with FF3.5, IE7 and IE8
    If you set buttonAlign:'center', a panel correctly centers the buttons.
    If you set buttonAlign:'right', it continues to align to the...
  9. Something changed between the 3.1 release and svn rev 5864 to cause buttons added via a Panel's addButton() method or defined directly in the configuration to be left justified.

    Previously, they...
  10. I tried your example and it did work. So I moved my code over into the example line by line until I found the culprit.

    I was using a ComboBox inside a FormPanel. The FormPanel had a defaults...
  11. I think you missed what I was saying. If you set editable to false, the drop down no longer activates. How can that not be a bug?
  12. +1

    We have seen this behavior as well and would love to see this or a similar fix incorporated into Ext.

    - Jul
  13. Setting editable to false in a ComboBox somehow appears to set readOnly to true. Looking at the svn history, I believe this change was made to the source around revision 5623.

    To replicate, use...
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    Yes, the file reference seems to have been fixed in svn... but what about the API key error message? It started popping up sometime after I posted that original bug.
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    Thanks for the page size fix. Works great here.

    I can't replicate the new bug you saw. I can change the page size between several of the sizes and it works fine for me every time.
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    I made some additional tweaks to allow the user to type an arbitrary value for the page size into the combo box. It refreshes the grid when Enter is typed.

    I also patched the code as suggested by...
  17. Confirmation that this is happening to us too. It seems to have happened somewhere between revision 5462 and 5532.

    - Jul
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    Puff was also an effect that I was looking for in ExtJS recently.

    Here's a list of effects from jQuery:

    The pulsate and transfer effects in that list...
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    Class Ext.TabPanel

    I would like to suggest adding a paragraph explaining the interaction of a TabPanel and an Accordion layout. Since both the TabPanel and the accordion layout use the header, you...
  20. The file GMapPanel.js from the examples is referenced incorrectly here:

    It is currently pointing to:...
  21. FYI: I'm still seeing this occur on svn 5462
  22. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0 rev 5402

    Adapter used:

  23. Thanks, Condor. Upgrading to JSBuilder 2 did fix the problem.

    I didn't realize a new version had been released. I would like to suggest that you add a new sticky to the JSBuilder forum with news...
  24. When building Ext from svn (r5386), there is an exception thrown while processing one of the .css files. It's non-fatal and appears to only affect one .css file used in the image organizer.
  25. Looks like 'phones' contains an array, so wouldn't it be something like this?

    alert( o.phones[0].phone1 );
    alert( o.phones[1].phone2 );
    alert( o.phones[2].phone3 );
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