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  1. We're using Sencha Touch as a mobile site so we need certain sections of our site to allow selection of text. I've searched through the forums and saw @mitchellsimoens response to the issue saying...
  2. OS X Mountain Lion - Version 10.8.3
    3 GHz Intel Core i7
    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Below is the report..

    Process: Sencha Ion [33969]
    Path: /Users/USER/Library/Application...
  3. I've been using Architect on a PC with less RAM for months. Just got a Macbook Pro and downloaded Architect and every single time I try to open it, I get this message.

    The only post I could find...
  4. See image below:

    My search bar width isn't behaving correctly with percentage widths. The blue Toolbar is set to 100%. Inside I have a centered container set to 90%, and inside of that I have...
  5. Would this be a correct way of doing it instead of the icon?

    I have cleared the values for the following:
    cls: KOBbutton
    icon: (none)
    iconAlign: left
    iconCls: (none)
    iconMask: false

  6. Hadn't checked that, but it doesn't look like it so I guess that's the problem.

    Is Architect automatically setting the image size to 30 x 30 px somewhere? I haven't set that size anywhere on my...
  7. So I have buttons (pictured below). I used the Standard Button and have a cls applied to give it color/drop shadow/etc. I'm using icon to give it the image on top ("PLUMBER"), but it's only showing...
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