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    It's not Sencha error, but Sencha needs to pay attention and maybe help with finding the...
  2. I killed the browser and restarted it - then navigated to ST KitchenSink and had no problem, no exceptions in the beginning. Then after doing different things on different pages, dreaded timeout...
  3. Using same iPad 2 upgrade to iOS 5, navigating to, got "Javascript execution exceeded timeout" exception and a blank screen.
  4. Hello, Dean.

    Thank you for the suggestion. The problem is that our floating panels contribute maybe 15% to the growth of the document body size, while the rest is done by drop-down panels and...
  5. Dear Sencha folks,

    We are using Touch framework for a large-scale LOB application used by real-world fortune 500 customers on a pilot basis. So far we are not impressed with your ability to...
  6. Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
    Platform tested against:

    Windows Chrome 12.0.742.122 m
    Windows Safari 5.1
  7. I am having problems with zoom too.

    To reproduce,
    - Go to Kitchen Sink sample at
    - Hit Ctrl+ in Chrome and then navigate to any screen...
  8. Thank you! That was it. It needed a name.
  9. Using Sencha Touch 1.1.

    I have a form panel where all fields work fine, including spinners, etc. But datepickerfield does not work properly - it allows picking a date but after I tap Done button,...
  10. Using ST 1.1.

    Trying to replace a checkbox on a floating form panel with a toggle. Replacing checkbox's check() and uncheck(), which worked perfectly, with toggle's setValue(1) and setValue(0),...
  11. Using ST 1.1.

    I have a Select field with a few items on a toolbar. It works fine on iPad and PC (Chrome): tapping the field brings up drop-down select list, but tapping the field in iPhone and...
  12. Using ST 1.1.

    Can successfully populate a store and then bind it to a list. However, when attempting to call store.insert(index, modelinstance) after a store is bound to a list, an exception below...
  13. Hi,

    Using Touch 1.1.0.

    I tried to initialize List selected item before and after list's initComponent(), but it fails until the list was displayed at least once. So, expected behavior:...
  14. Thanks a lot eboyer. This actually works. I hope sencha team have fixed this issue in their latest version.
  15. Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
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