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  1. I'm curious - what's the ballpark number of submissions for the theme contest?
  2. Has anyone else noticed that background:inline-image doesn't work on android? For example, the demo app in the theming contest doesn't show wooden panels on android, as it does on iOS.
  3. I have the exact same two questions. To extend #2, will I score more points by using the picto iconography (ie the ones in the demo), or by creating an inlining my own iconography?
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    This didn't work for me:
    sudo gem install chunky_png -v 1.10.0
    ERROR: could not find gem chunky_png locally or in a repository

    This worked for me:
    sudo gem install chunky_png -v 1.1.0

    Thanks to Nelstrom (of Sencha tutorial video fame)!
  6. I'm trying to create a constant bottom toolbar, which controls a panel above it. Then the panel above it should have a toolbar of its own (at the top). I've attempted the below code, which almost...
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