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  1. Any temporary suggestion to fix this?


  2. Hello guys,

    I made a Fiddle below, showing 2 trees side by side. The first one is a Treelist (from Kitchensink that extends widget) and the second one is a Treepanel.

    Both uses the same store...
  3. Following the doc about admin api intro, it says we have to pass the "Date" header to our request.

    Problem is that Chrome is blocking this header, so the response from the api is as follow :

  4. but if the store is binded to a grid's selection... where can I define the store's parameters?

    i have a grid on the left which i can configure, but the grid on the right which loads the data from...
  5. Is it possible to add extra options to this way of binding a store?

    bind: {
    store : '{punchsGrid.selection.punchEquipments}'

    For example, I would like to set filters or...
  6. Hello,

    From the binding association example, I want to do the same but with REST stores.

    I've tried to find example of using REST with References to dynamically load the data from the server...
  7. Seems to work like a charm to me! Really nice work - I've tried to look into the code to fix it and couldnt manage to debug well with IE!

  8. in your example :, is it normal the comboboxes filters doesnt show up in IE8?
  9. Hello,

    I am using Ext.Direct form Submit for my "change password" formPanel and I noticed my variables were passed in the POST as they were typed in the form. I would like to encrypt the...
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    What if you cant do new Ext.Panel directly and you need to pass an already existing panel... is there any ways you can make it work the way jaro88 wrote his code initially (with the var grid outside)...
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    And how difficult would this be? Im not really used to customize extensions - with the RowActions you provided, is this something that could be done easily?
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    For those interested, i fixed the problem using RowEditor with RowActions but i'm not sure it's the best solution! @Saki : could you tell me what you think? If it's gonna cause issues or not?!

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    Did anyone manage to use the RowActions extension along with the RowEditor extension? im getting an error on row editing : c.getEditor is not a function

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    For point 2 :
    I added

    myGrid.on({ filterupdate: this.updatePaginator, afterrender: this.updatePaginator });


    updatePaginator: function() {
    // Used to update the paginator...
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    I have some questions concerning the Paging Store whereas if some functionalities are available or not :

    1 - Can it remember the states (cookie) - I.e the last page the user was on...?...
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    Would you post the code of your grid with your states?

    It might be useful for others!

    Thanks for the contribution by the way!
  17. Hello,

    i'm trying to load into my tabs a string that contains the HTML code but it loads only the string and doesnt interpret the HTML it self

    It shows off the string in the tab, but i want it...
  18. Hello all,

    I have a button in the center panel of my borderLayout and I wish to expand my west panel (which is collapsed initially) when i click on it. The thing is that I don't want to expand it...
  19. hello all, I need a customized combobox with an "auto" width.

    when i do ListWidth:'auto', i can manage to have something good in Firefox, but it creates a bug in Explorer... i guess extjs doesnt...
  20. It seems like the solution to this is to use the first method i put in my first post and use "scripts : true" as a config ... (updater)

    Thanks to the extjs doc :)
  21. Hello,

    I have an application with a viewport which has a tree on the west region and a main panel for the center region...

    Whenever i click on the tree nodes, i would like to load in the center...
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    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to have the autosuggest in combobox showing records with "LIKE". I'm in local mode, and the suggests will only contain the words thats starts with the value...
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