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  1. Ok thank you
  2. Map displayed with default location. It calls only locationerror event but it is not reaching locationupdate event

    thats why it shows default location.

    I have one doubt i.e how to find whether...
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    Hi this Naseer Khan. I have one small doubt i.e

    in the above code locationupdate event is not calling. It automatically locationerror event calling. what is the reason behind it.

    Due to this i...
  4. Hi friends i did a small program on placing a bubble on current location using updatelocation event but it shows only default location and also it does not place a bubble on that location.

    My code...
  5. Thank u for the reply and could you please send me the code regarding this polyline or atleast send me the links for me. It is urgent form me.

    Thanks and Regards
  6. Hi friends,

    I have a small doubt i.e i want to draw polyline on google map. Here want to give an array of
    longitudes and latitudes and also time. For eg if i give longitude and...
  7. Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. I got the solution from the below link i.e
  8. yes but there must be different stores ex if u select india then the corresponding states has to be added to the second select box and if u select another country then its corresponding states has to...
  9. hi friends,
    This is naseer. I have a small problem i.e If i select a country in one select box then in next select box the states list has to be added dyanamically. Pls send me one simple example...
  10. Hi,

    I have one problem in my application i.e In my application i have two select boxes. In the first select box i added the ArrayStore items those items are list of countries. If i select one...
  11. Hi, this is Naseer khan,

    I have a problem in my application i.e how to upload an image from mobile. If any one knows then pls send me the sample code.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  12. hi to all,

    I have a small doubt i.e how to encrypt the username and password and after encrypting i need to send to the server, at the server it must be decrypt and then the server has to send the...
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