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    My use case is DnD tabs between two DDTabPanels, where neither is guaranteed to have tabs. Doing so, however, presents the following when a tab is dropped on an empty DDTabPanel:

  2. Right, a baseParam will work if I always want to send a param. However, in the case of "meta", using baseParams does not influence what is sent when clicking the column header to sort or the paging...
  3. This particular grid is editable, and I noticed it being sent correctly, as false, when sent through the write actions of HttpProxy.

    So now I'm listening to the "beforeload" and "beforewrite" on...
  4. What can I do during or after a load request on a JsonStore, so that the params I supplied are not reused when the grid is sorted or refreshed?

    What is the best practice for this?

    I am using...
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    The grid is rendered with a disabled scrollbar, despite there being lots of rows. Resizing the browser window can show/hide a few extra rows to verify that they exist. Screenshots attached.

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    I've been encountering an error quite persistently. It happens on both 1.2 and the latest 1.2.1, using FireFox 2 and 3.

    Firebug console: "browser is null" @ line 858 miframe.js (1.2 @858; 1.2.1...
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