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  1. Finally, I found the problem. It was my misstake - so it is not a bug.

    I created the grid with:

    grid = Ext.create('APP.view.generic.grid', {id:125})

    If I set a custom ID in the...
  2. Thanks a lot.

    The example on reply #1 is exactly what I am using.
  3. Yes, if I remove the pagingtoolbar, everything works fine on IE8/Ext4.1.

    Checked errors with Firebug Lite on IE: There are no errors at all. Like I wrote before, on IE8/Ext 4.0, Firefox/Ext 4.0,...
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply. There are no errors at all. Summary:

    Ext 4.0, IE8 => OK
    Ext 4.1, IE8 => NOT OK

    Ext 4.0, Firefox 10 => OK
    Ext 4.1, Firefox 10 => OK

    I added a screenshot that...
  5. The following code works fine with ExtJS 4.0 in Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 10.0.2. After upgrading to ExtJS 4.1 RC1 it is still working on Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. The Internet...
  6. Sending grid data to the server with the sync() method works fine. Doing this in BATCH mode, on some records validations can fail on server side. I would like to mark the failed records inside the...
  7. If I use "batchActions:false" inside a restful store, every grid row will be send to the server by its own request. In Version 4.0 the complete execution stops on an exception (success:false). For...
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    Dear aconran

    Thanks a lot for your reply. In the meantime, solved it with a custom "render" event inside a controller:


    onRender:function(abstractcomponent, options){...
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    I created a viewport including a border layout. Each region was filled with a empty panel. If I add the "contentEl" in one of these panels, the design will be shown empty.

    Is there any...
  10. Hello!

    I would like to change the total grid background with JavaScript. Therefore i have to modify the following ExtJS CSS:



  11. Thanks a lot for the good examples in this thread. Using it, works fine.

    For me, one question remains: Is there a way to copy the editors form one grid to another grid? The following example...
  12. Hello together,

    I would like to collapse some (not all) of my groups inside the GroupingView. E.g. closing the first two groups, but opening all others. Is there a chance to do this? Can it be...
  13. Hi,

    Is it possible to load many grids with just one server request? I think it should be possible by loading a "proxy" only once a time. Than I could access the proxy data by selecting different...
  14. Hi

    With the following code I am loading a GroupingStore. The code works fine - I can show the store data inside a grid. However, the "load" event never occurs. Therefore, a grid refresh is not...
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    Hello Ext Community,

    I would like to show a grid row ROTATED inside a new window. To show a lot of columns, I rotate the row like this:

    column1 column2 column3
    value1 value2 value3
  16. Wow!

    1 minute later a working solution.

    Thanks a lot!
  17. Hello community,

    Reading data from a server into a grid with:

    var reader = new{
    root: 'setting_values',
    totalProperty: 'results',
  18. It works!

    Thanks a lot for the fast and professional help.

  19. Thank you very much for your answers.

    The following solution is working:
    Ext.getCmp('image').el.dom.src = 'new src'

    for the autoEl:
  20. Hello ExtJs community,

    today I tried to change an image inside a BoxComponent. Showing an image works fine - but I am not able to replace it by an other image.

    I used a form including:
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    Thank you very much for your nice dialog.

    Today I tried using it with Ruby On Rails and the Plugin "Attachment Fu". The image upload works fine - but I am not able to transport the json response...
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    Thank you for your answer.

    "center always fits the screen" is not true.

    Accepting width attribute:

    var user_panel_form =new Ext.Panel({

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    Dear All,

    I would like to define a layout with the following properties:

    panel 'west', width: 400, height: auto (same like browser height)
    panel 'center', width: 450, heigth: auto (same...
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