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  1. I'm testing out the 6.0.7 release and unfortunately I'm running into issues. I have few sencha libraries in my project and when the plugin indexes these it runs into a loop.

    Directly after...
  2. I have a tabpanel that can contain quite a few tabs. This results in the tabBar overflowing and scrolling is activated as it should.

    The problem I want to solve shows up when I want to be able to...
  3. Ahh, that explains it. I'm using 5.1.1 and that is probably too old to have Edge identification.
  4. When using Edge as browser inspector reports it as being Chrome.
  5. Oops, failed to read your technical detail (triggered on the --- as a signature thing :-P ). Yeah, I understand that you can't reconnect fully. But URL and application name should be a pretty good...
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    Nice! Looking forward to it :-)
  7. Yeah, I fully understand that you don't want to just reconnect with the application and try to "merge" the state info in some way. What I'd love to see is a easier way of reconnecting. Today you get...
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    Is it possible to write negative filters? It would be very useful to remove stuff I'm not interested in. For example in the components view I'm not interested in a bunch of widgets but as they are...
  9. Ok, I've just started playing with the beta. I'm developing a ExtJS5.1 based application and connecting the inspector works really well and gives me lots of interesting info.

    As I'm developing...
  10. I also have issues with this. Without removing the web.xml I couldn't do any sencha app opration as the jetty engine failed all the time.
  11. Many thanks for this! I did have to rewrite it a bit, but that was because I'm including this feature inside my own version of the spreadsheet model and not by having it in the grid controller.
  12. I would really like to be able to drag select grid columns (like you can do with cells if you use the correct selection model).

    Can someone give me an idea on how to add this feature to my grid?...
  13. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.1.1 rev 451

    The isAllSelected method in the Ext.grid.selection.Cells selection model is broken and won't return true even if all cells are selected....
  14. Yeah, it sure is. Second time I've run into it I see, my memory is good but a bit too short :">.
  15. Yes, it works. Many thanks!Ahh, there it was. As it was forum notifications I just tried all forum settings but that didn't help much.
  16. I have done the exact same thing, Mitchel could you please do the same thing for me?

    Would be great if this could be possible to solve by the user in some way in the future!
  17. Ext version tested:

    Broken in Ext 5.1.0 rev 107 and Ext 5.1.1 rev latest Nightly, Works in 5.0.1
    Browser versions tested against:


    In my (not exactly standard) use...
  18. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.1.1 rev 371
    Browser versions tested against:


    I have found two issues with the reload function in BufferedStore that both concerns the...
  19. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.1.0 rev 107 and Ext 5.1.1 rev 371
    Browser versions tested against:


    When using the spreadsheet model and having a buffered store there is a...
  20. Ahh, nice, I should really look into that one myself as I'm very interested in using websockets instead of Ajax for my stores!
  21. I figured out a way around the problem. Maybe not the cleanest solution, but at least you can make your proxy work while waiting for the real solution.

    By mistake I saved the solution in the...
  22. I agree, it is a bug. It took a while to figure out where your code fails.
    The problem isn't the pageSize or the type of store you use (even though suzuki1100nz is fully correct that you should use...
  23. I'm trying to figure out how to have separate js dependencies for development and production.

    In development I use a bunch of non minified js-files as external libraries. When creating my...
  24. I had the same problem and found out that the problem (most likely) is that there are java binaries in your windows directory (up to java 1.7 they were placed there for easy access). Check...
  25. And it ended up in the 5.1.0 release :(.

    How come such an obvious and trivially fixed bug isn't fixed before release?
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