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  1. Hello, I was using phoneGap with Sencha Touch...


    I was using phoneGap with Sencha Touch so I've done it using the following code.Maybe if you are using phoneGap try this:

    public enum KeyBoard {
  2. solved with a trick.

    I put Ext.repaint(); after showing up the panel cause redraw the new panel and remove xtemplates so get rid of those corrupted screen view.

    I think this is a serious bug.
  3. Problem about destorying xtemplate used in DataView [after dragging]


    I used XTemplate and coded some html to be rendered in a dataview component.

    My navigation structure depends on destroying and construction new panels so I destroy current panel when...
  4. Replies

    Yeap,I also noticed this irritating problem....

    Yeap,I also noticed this irritating problem.
    Sencha is powered by device browser engine features but in orientation changes
    it is such slower than changing orientation while using device's web...
  5. solved

    Ok,got it working.

    Ext.msg.alert('Title','Little fox jumped over something');
  6. Ext.msg.alert only the first line rendered


    I'm developing an app for Android devices and when I use Ext.msg.alert as follows:

    Ext.msg.alert('Little fox jumped over something');

    Only the text "Little fox jumped" is shown in...
  7. thanks

    Thanks pal that helped me very much.I was nearly loosing my mind because of this double click problem.=D>
  8. [Sencha Touch Android] Ext.LoadMask stays in background of the loading panel


    I try to show a loading mask while user waits for the panel to be shown.

    I use Ext.LoadMask like :

    loadingMask = new Ext.LoadMask(Ext.getBody(), {msg:"Loading..."});
  9. Problem with using Ext.msg.alert on a popped Panel form

    I'm showing myFormPanel includes a form.I'm opening this panel like :

    popUpPanel = new myFormPanel();;

    I've put some validations for the form inside that panel...
  10. [Sencha Touch Android] show and hide keyboard with code ?


    I'm developing an app with a screen that has TextAreaField inside.

    When user taps on textareafield virtual keyboard opens and if user never hits back button keyboard never hides.So...
  11. Carousel dynamically adding cards problem - all about rendering?

    I'm trying to implement Sencha Touch Carousel component to my app.
    I take photos and show those photos in a carousel.

    For instance;I take 2 photos and when app gets back from Camera it...
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