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    Ajax Store not loading in XCode

    I have a store with a proxy type as 'ajax'. I'm loading the data from a data.json file. On Windows, everything works in Chrome as well as on Android emulator.

    On Mac, this works perfectly if I run...
  2. [FIXED] Horizontal scroll doesn't appear on Grid Reconfigure for empty Store (in FF & Chrome)

    If a grid is reconfigured, and the store is empty, then the horizontal scroll doesn't appear if the total width of columns exceeds the view width.

    For instance, in the KitchenSink Reconfigure Grid...
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    Editor grid with infinite scroll

    I have a simple editor grid which has infinite scrolling enabled on it -

    enabled: true,
    disableCaching: true,

    Ext.onReady(function() {
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    Thanks a lot for that comprehensive explanation....

    Thanks a lot for that comprehensive explanation. Seeing that error all of a sudden was more frustrating than worrying because of being unable to figure out how it appeared!
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    Thanks Mitchell, I got that. Is there any...

    Thanks Mitchell, I got that. Is there any workaround that you can suggest?

    Currently, I'm doing this -

    write: function(st, operation){
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    Load nested data on record save

    I want to create a 'details' record on the server and send it back when the 'master' is created.

    The 'details' record is NOT created in the front. Instead the 'master' record is created and...
  7. CSS3 Solution

    .x-column-header-text {
    display : block;
    overflow : hidden;
    text-overflow : ellipsis;
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    Seems to be resolved with the latest version of...

    Seems to be resolved with the latest version of ExtJs
  9. This is how I got it working

    As mentioned, initial pointers given by Condor from this forum thread. This solution was for ExtJs 3.

    After that I got a big hint from bogc in this forum thread.

    Then I just tied everything...
  10. I know. But that doesn't give the same effect as...

    I know. But that doesn't give the same effect as what I'm looking for. I did find this implementation by Condor for Extjs 3.

    Although, there isn't a ExtJs 4 implementation, I'm trying to create...
  11. Can a Grid Cell span Multiple Rows (Rowspan for Grid Cell)?

    Let's say a Grid has the same value in a particular column, like so -


    Would like to show the repeated rows in this fashion -

  12. Passing events on to Grid Panel

    After going through ExtJs code some more, especially the 'Ext.grid.Lockable' mixin, this is my understanding -
    When you set 'enableLocking: true' on a Grid Panel, the 'Ext.grid.Lockable' mixin steps...
  13. A Better Solution

    After some more head banging and going through 'Editing' plugin a little more in detail, I understood how the 'getEditor' and 'setEditor' functions are getting added.

    So, this override seems...
  14. My Solution

    I overrode the 'Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing' plugin's two methods - 'startEdit' and 'getEditor'

    However, I see that the plugin had 'getEditor()' in a number of places. As of now, those lines don't...
  15. Scott, I did what you suggested - the gird is...


    I did what you suggested - the gird is now being reconfigured by the store's 'metachange' event.

    However, the problem still persists - I still get the following error when I try to edit...
  16. In our scenario, the column configurations is not...

    In our scenario, the column configurations is not known in the client and is received from the server.

    Is there any other solution? Even if you can suggest me some other alternative ways to...
  17. CellEditing Plugin Bug - Reconfigured Editorgrid with Grouped Headers

    ExtJs 4.1.1

    I posted this earlier but somehow don't see the thread. In case of duplication, please delete.

    I have a EditorGrid which is created with reconfigure. The editorgrid consists of...
  18. CellEditing Plugin bug - Reconfigured Editorgrid with Grouped Header fails

    The grid renders perfectly, with the locked columns also. However, when I double-click on a cell to edit it, I get an error "columnHeader.getEditor is not a function".

    This is generated in the...
  19. [FIXED] Essentially, for a reconfigured grid, when no...

    Essentially, for a reconfigured grid, when no model is created explicitely, and the grid has cell editing plugin, when you change the data of any cell, the store update is not fired.

    The store is...
  20. [FIXED] Hi Don, My store is created like this - ...

    Hi Don,

    My store is created like this -

    Ext.define('', {
    extend : ''
    ,fields : []
    ,proxy : {
    type : 'rest'
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    Reconfigure a Grid with Locked columns fails


    I'm having a grid reconfigured dynamically. The first column has 'locked: true' and the grid has 'lockable: true' set.

    However, during the reconfigure, it fails and gives a ...
  22. [FIXED] Confirmed that this error exists in 4.1.1

    This error is existing in 4.1.1. Applied the override and then things worked smoothly.

    Details -
    ExtJs Version 4.1.1
    Build date: 2012-07-04 21:23:42 (65ff594cd80b9bad45df640c22cc0adb52c95a7b)
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    Grid Horizontal Scrolling on Reconfigure

    When a grid has many columns, and the grid is reconfigured, the entire grid scrolls to the extreme left.

    Is there any way I can save the grid's last horizontal scroll position? That way, I can...
  24. Grid Columns Drag Drop based on Grouped Column

    Cleaned up the code. Also including the HTML

    The override required is (override.js) -

    Ext.define('Override.grid.header.DropZone', {
    override : 'Ext.grid.header.DropZone'

  25. Add Columns to Grid Grouped Header Dynamically

    I have a grid with columns configured as so -

    columns : [{
    text : 'Group Header 1',
    columns : [{
    text : 'Column 1'
    text : 'Column 2'
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