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  1. Tried using: var mm =...

    Tried using:
    var mm = Ext.create('',{
    //my menu configs here
    Ext.Viewport.setMenu(mm, {
    side: 'left',
    reveal: false,
    cover: true,
    modal: true
  2. Any solutions/workaround on this?

    Any solutions/workaround on this?
  3. Get dataview element based on scroll position

    So, I'm developing a chat app and I'm showing the messages using a dataview using CSS flex-direction:column, so far so good, the problem is that I want to use an Ext.Toast to show the user the day...
  4. The solution was very simple, i just had to...

    The solution was very simple, i just had to change the getLinkPath to:

    var midY = (link.source.y + ( - link.source.y) / 2);

    return 'M' + link.source.x + ',' + link.source.y
  5. How to make an Interactive Vertical Tree using Ext.d3.hierarchy.Hierarchy?

    I'm at lost, never used the d3 lib, I want to accomplish the same thing as in KitchenSink Hierarchy - Org chart but I want it to be vertical instead of horizontal.
    I tried following this fiddle but...
  6. Extjs Calendar: How to send calendarID when an event is edited

    For my backend works properly I need to pass the calendarId of the event when an event is edited, currently, the calendarId is only passed when I change the calendar of the event, can I force to...
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    lol, my workaround was to call...

    lol, my workaround was to call panel.header.setTitlePosition(2); before adding the item, at least it worked, haha
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    pane.header.add() before panel title

    I'm adding a new button dynamically to the panel header with panel.header.add(mybutton), problem is the button is ALWAYS put at the end of the header, after the title, I want the title to be in...
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    Extjs 6.6 Filter Treepanel

    I'm trying to filter my treepanel based on user input, im following this fiddle to achieve this,, the extjs version in the fiddle is 5.1 and it...
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