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  1. I mean, that I did not use Sencha Architect so far.
    I don't know if this will work with it or not.

    So you are alone to find it out. ;)
  2. This plugin is meant to be used in gxt projects with 2.x version of gxt
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    Hi Zoli!

    This stuff is really great!
    Funnily at first look I was thinking that it is some ugly crap, but after trying it had to realize that it is an awesome stuff!

    Lesson for me: Don't judge...
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    Could you share your filter-builder source?

  5. Sven, I will do this test case. Just need some time to put it together.

    The store I give to the ComboBox is taken from Settings.getStoreWorkerSimple(); And also this store I am using to get the...
  6. I have encountered a situation, where the ComboBox, ..


    In a special case did...
  7. To change the height of the RowEditor, you should change the verifyLAyout function.

    Basically you copy the verifyLayout function and change a bit. There you go.

    protected class...
  8. Can you provide the whole class you created?
  9. Frankly, I don't know the answer to this. I have never encountered this. Sorry.

    Mac, OS Snow Leopard, FireFox 3.6.8, the if I push the cursor down or up, it steps one, but does not continue. I have to push it again, to go...
  11. Hi Folks!

    I don't think that there is a bug in gxt.
    Perhaps your source has some bug.
    I am using the desktop app sample and it works fine for me: it has the background picture, etc.

  12. Hi Mike!

    Perhaps you did not copy everything.
    Don't forget to put the css of the "desktop" into your html.

  13. Hey!

    This is cool stuff!
    Very well done guys!
  14. I guessed that there should be something about it.. just I could not find it by ease... so I posted this.

    Sure, I am using the one you have referred to.

    But still GXT is an awesome toolkit!!!
  15. LiveGrid,

    The following code gives back correct result only if there was no scroll. If the view was scrolled, it will give back the model with the index of the visible row.

  16. Hi All!

    If you have used the Chart component You may have noticed that it can not be printed - at least in Safari and Firefox. So, the Flash component does not provide a nice way of printing.
  17. Hi!

    1. I think, if you put a listener there for the Submit event, it will fire, when the form has been submitted - meaning it has completely gone through.

  18. Sven, I did notice that the GXT Mail Demo Login is still as I have stated. And the same is true in my app using the latest GXT release.

    I have noticed it only in Safari - (the browser I am using...
  19. I need(ed) an outlook-similar recurrence setup for my application. So I created one.
    I believe every now and than everybody needs this, so you are welcome to use it. It would be nice to hear about...
  20. Hey!

    Is there any specific reason, this class is not in the plugins section?

    This is a very useful class you have put together! So it deserves to be known and used! ;)
  21. You are welcome!
  22. Why don't you just try the sample, Colin suggested?

    So you'd see how the binding works and there you go: you have the data of the form in your model.
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    Take the : sample.

    Change the code as

    SimpleComboBox<String> scb = new SimpleComboBox<String>();...
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    Either you set ID of the field,


    and you set some css styling to that.
    On that way you can wind up having changed only the the combo of your choosing.

    Or should "add" the...
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    I'd try the code from:

    TreePanel<ModelData> tree2 = new TreePanel<ModelData>(store) {
    protected boolean...
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