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  1. Hey kostysh

    I have the exact same problem. Did u find any solution?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi newuser7000

    Even I am trying the same. I am doing it in Sencha touch 2, though. But that won't be much of a difference though. Did you find a way to do it? to access the 'comments' part?
  3. Hi sivagami

    Even I am trying the same thing. You got any solution for this?
    In my case data s not being loaded at all.
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    crashes means it gives me an error saying 'null us not an object'

    with options such as ignore, restart, close :)
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    Hey mcbl

    even i was facing that problem. i added it later as a listener in the VIEWS only
    what i guess is- when u convert to action check if the REF and ACTION are rightly generated.
    it may...
  6. Hey Major Ted

    Even i am a newbie here like you. But i would like to suggest u to have a bit of patience. It took me approx 15 days js to get my project run on the iOS Simulator. People here are...
  7. Hey rklowe01
    i read in a diff post that even u were facing the following issue...

    (/Users/user/path/to/project) is not a recognized Sencha SDK or application folder

    but later u were able to...
  8. @rklowe01: yes. Same procedure.

    @WagsMax: Even i am kind of new to everything. N i tried alot but couldn't get myself to get the problem which u guys are facing.

    install apache tomcat
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    Hi everyone

    I have an architect project in which i have a list. I want to apply certain style attributes to the list such as background image, custom disclosure image and also the font, padding...
  10. Hi

    I want to populate a list with some hardcoded data.
    I used a list. Added a Store.
    Then i went to the 'data' field of the store to add the array of objects.
    But i couldn't add it at all....
  11. Try this

    same as what you want....but this is not for architect though.
  12. Hi jjohnston

    I am trying the same functionality as given by you in the example.
    I am able to do it by adding the function as a listener in the view file where i have specified the button.
  13. When i was just fiddling around my architect project. suddenly it gave an error saying 'NULL is not an object.' and gave me option to Close or Restart.
    When i did Restart the Architect started again...
  14. are u hosting your project inside a web server?

    for example i am using apache tomcat and inside it i have my project folder.
  15. Are you able to PREVIEW you the browser that is??
  16. sheldoncoach

    in your case the record should be USER....
    whereas rootProperty should be set to USERS
    though i found out that its perfectly ok even if we leave the rootProperty blank.
  17. I got the Load Store button enabled.

    the problem lies in record property of the XML Reader. Once you set it to appropriate value the Load Store bcomes activated.
  18. Any luck?

    m trying a similar thing but in my case also the Load Store option is disabled.
  19. What is d problem that you are facing?
  20. Hi
    even i went through this just some days ago. But finally got the thing to work
    m telling u the things i have implemented. others plz correct if m wrong.
    1. go to settings first
    In the Project...
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    Hi aconran

    Thanks alot for ur help. I got myself educated because of your reply. N i could load my json data in the project. Thanks alot.

    Going to try the same with XML data soon. Might have...
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    I am trying to populate a simple list witha data from a json. Each entry contain only 3 fields.

    i set up my json store , proxy and also the reader as given on the architect docs page......
  23. Hi Phil.Strong

    I got my project to work in iOS Simulator.
    i simply copied the app.html file in the same project folder and renamed it to index.html to give it a try. And it worked like a charm....
  24. Hi Phil.Strong

    Thanks for your reply. I have understood some things on my own. Please check them if they are correct and correct i am going wrong anywhere...

    1. first we have to do "copy" while...
  25. I am trying to implement the same thing for iOS simulator.
    M currently on a mac with the latest xcode..
    i have tried both the absolute and relative path in "inputPath"
    both inputPath and...
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