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  1. Someone else got this problem on ie 8?
  2. My case is in EXTJS5 grid, with pagination, column in flex=1.

    On internet explorer 8, when i resize the column, sometimes it gives a sort.

    My case to reproduce it :
    Imagine i got 5 column.
  3. Noone can help me find where i can add in last position.:-/
  4. yes you need take the images in the same theme you have choosen.

    in resources folder, you have differents themes, with the images folders. Just take the one you want.
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    Your code is to got server side pagination.

    In Ext 4.2 for get client side pagination, you need use proxy "pagingmemory"!/api/
  6. how to include it in the build?

    i don't have a "all" folder, so where can we add the other .scss files?
  7. In fact i got use user extension, and i want custom the theme of theses plugin.

    So i wish using vars like "$prefix" (the same as the one i define in vars) and use the theme image for share the...
  8. Before in 4.1 we got a file mytheme.scss which got all the include, where is this file in extjs 4.2 theming?
  9. I tried to change the path like this

    $relative-image-path-for-uis:true !default;
    $theme-resource-path: '../img/themeExtJS/' !default;

    but then when i do sencha app build, the image path...
  10. I try use add a custom file "style.scss" not linked to a component.

    I want this file is including at the last part of my theme.

    Yet i see i can add in /sass/etc/all.scss but then it's execute...
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    i wish do the same things.

    I want a panel autoheight on the top of my grid.

    Someone got a solution to get a panel that's the height depends on content on vbox layout?
  12. i had gotten, what i wanted with this
  13. Hello,

    I see with grid, we can do two setting.

    Without forcefit, we need put a width on each column, then if the global size of each column is over than the grid width, we got a scrollbar, but...
  14. Hello

    I got a grid with some editable column and others not editable.

    I want the cell editable background color is blue
    and the cell not editable color is red.

    I didn't see any api about...
  15. Yeah with this i can do what i wanted, thanks!
  16. i tried something like that but the sort still doesn't work very well. It sort on the second column.

    the display result is good only the sort on this new column doesn't work. And i tried remove...
  17. I am little lost, i just want a column which is the sum about other column. And it could be better if i can sort this column.

    What is a convert function?

    if i do like this :
  18. It's pretty good but i need put a "dataIndex" else it doesn't work.

    So i decide add a dataIndex : 'total'

    It works but the sort doesn't work, it sort on the second column. Do you know why?
  19. I got a grid with 2 columns A and B

    Is there a simple way to create a third column which is the sum : C = A + B

    Exemple grid

    A B C
    10 5 15
    7 5 ...
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    Is there a way to scroll up the scrollbar after insert a row on the rowIndex = 0?
  21. I success do what i wanted with it. so thanks i forget to check there.

    But still doesn't explain me why i got errors with prototype adaptator :)
  22. At each ajax action begin, it execute the javascript code inside "onCreate"
    And at each ajax action end, it execute the javascript code inside "onComplete"
  23. In fact it's for use :

    onCreate: function() {
    onComplete: function() {
  24. prototype or internet explorer?
  25. Someone use the prototype adaptator in internet explorer?
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