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    First of all thanks for the tip using .innerBody in stead of getEl()

    The only problem was, that it was only working in chrome and not in firefox or IE
    After debugging for hours .. i found that in...
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    We also would like to see a refresh option in Sencha Architect. Especially when editing code
    for the controllers. Webstorms code editor is much more powerfull then the code editor inside Architect....
  3. Thanks sc0ttman, I tried your solution ..but with the current version 2pr3 it does not work on my iphone3GS
    I haven't found a working solution to get the anchors to work on my iphone, I have to...
  4. Hi, I am running in the same problem. The links a hrefs in the page are not working on a iphone or android.

    I also tried this but that did not work for too, even if I set a timer on it for a delay...
  5. Thanks Lou-adrien for your reply! It worked ! :)
  6. Hello,
    I have a working List item that uses a model and store. In the model i load a external json file.
    It works great.
    I found a way to acces this data and use it for another component (the...
  7. Thanks a lot for this information! I can make this study case project a little more organised!
    Kind regards, Chris.
  8. Hello,
    Does anyone know what you have to do when you want to tidy up your work in subfolders?
    For example in my view folder I have like 15 views. I would like to group the views in subfolders,...
  9. Thanks! I have build this so far, but I don't know if there should be passed anything in
    the part Ext.apply(config, { ...
    Am I doing it correctly?

    Ext.define('Lericrystal.view.AlbumPage', {...
  10. Hello,
    Does anyone know how to create a list of small images, like a image gallery.
    I found one example on the web, but that example is based on an older version of sencha touch 1.0

    Does anyone...
  11. It seems that the App (Controller) is inside the app, as in your example, but i still can't get acces
    to it: I can send you the all the files if you want to see that I can't seem to acces the...
  12. Hello,
    I can't seem to get the clearListeners() or remove an listener. I used the MVC example in this form topic.

    I registrated the event in the controller --> init->control

  13. I still can't acces the controllers method with the MVC example.
    Could it be because of the override settings in folder app.Application.js ?
    Or the way the project as been setup?
  14. Hello Mitchell,
    I used your MVC Example to test this too, but the getController method does not seem to work.
    I tried using this, but while debugging I noticed this was not the right scope, so I...
  15. Ext version tested:
    · Sencha Touch 2.0PR3

    Browser versions tested against:
    · Chrome 16 (Windows)
    · Safari 5.1.2 (Windwos)

    Tested on Iphone and Android phone as well
  16. Hello,
    If I where to build a image gallery through sencha touch MVC, is it possible to add this app
    as a seperate page into an exsisting MVC app?

    You have a MVC app, with a...
  17. Thanks! I could use a setTimeout delay on removing the card from the viewport as the duration of the slide is 500 miliseconds.
  18. Thanks! I keep that in mind when creating the card layout structure!
    But do u know if there is an event that listens when a card slide is completed in version sencha-touch2p3 ?

  19. Hello,

    Is it good practice to keep using viewport.add( ..) when you want for example to slide to the next card?
    Does your app not become slow, and do you have to remove them manually when they...
  20. Oke, I found the solution how to style the icons at this topic: I got it working using not the Ext.Toolbar but...
  21. Hello, I am trying to build buttons that look and act like the buttons on a tab.Panel that are docked at the bottom.

    I was wondering what kind of buttons these are. I could not find anything in...
  22. Ext version tested:
    · Sencha Touch 2.0PR3

    Browser versions tested against:
    · Chrome 16 (Windows)
    · Safari 5.1.2 (Windwos)

    Tested on Iphone and Android phone as well
  23. thanks Mitchell, but the listener in the Toolbar, was just for a testing.
    I was trying to listen to the events on the buttons, on the bar at the bottom.
    I could not get it to work using different...
  24. Hello, as a study project and to please my father in law I am building a simple static webpage.
    The MVC way is to complicated for me at the moment, so I have build something new.

    The live demo is...
  25. oops, you are right! I was debugging and testing in google chrome. But on the iphone or android it does not show this css problem that I had. So, for the devices it works just fine :)
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