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  1. Negative, isFloating() always returns false
  2. I'm using a (Tree)panel as the 'west' item of a viewport with a border layout.
    The panel is collapsible and stateful.

    The very first time the panel is expanded clicking on the title bar to make...
  3. Ext.define('Domain', { extend: '',
    hasMany: { model: 'DomainContact', name: 'contacts'},
    belongsTo: { model: 'Contact', name: 'billing_contact'},
  4. Hello,

    I have two models and a join model:

    Domain ==hasMany==> DomainContact ==belongsTo==> Contact

    DomainContact ==belongsTo==> Domain
    DomainContact ==belongsTo==> Contact

    Domain also...
  5. Hello, I posted this in the generic forum but got unreplied, I'm more convinced that this may be a bug, thus I am reposting in Bugs.

    Ext.define('Foo', {
    extend: '',
  6. Help me please to understand if this is a bug or the expected behavior (and why):

    Ext.define('Foo', {
    extend: '',
    proxy: { type: 'rest', url: '/aaa' }
    }, function()...
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