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  1. we are ok with the font size, line heights etc..

    we are concerned only with height and width of the windows as classic theme has small font and line heights compared to other when we are...
  2. we had developed an application using classic theme, few of the components like opening a form panel in a window or grid in a window.. along with that we have tool bars with buttons on it.
    we have...
  3. Thanks for the example
  4. How can i change grid panel's column header colour, i need to change some columns only.

    i tried adding this to my css file,customerNumber is my column header index, but its not working.
  5. we have a java web application with extjs, we run the app on tomcat server.

    Is it possible to run the application using sencha cmd.(sencha app watch)

    I created extjs6 files using senchacmd in...
  6. I tried this plugin based on the example found in this forum, can some one help me what's wrong with the code

    1. grid is displaying complete records in one page,pagination is not working properly...
  7. How to mask grid panel's tool bar and header when the data is loading in the grid.

    I tried the below code, it was masking the tool bar and header when the grid is rendered but on page refresh and...
  8. I tried to use this plugin in extjs6, its not working. unable to select or clear the check boxes.
    can any one suggest me what are the changes i need to make.
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    can anyone help me in building plugin for showing filters on the grid panel headers.

    or any reference links to check out..

    looking for filter similar to the one in this link
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    example link :

    In IE

    when I try to change the font size from the font size drop down the cursor is focused at the start of the to make the cursor...
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    is it possible to add font size drop down in the html editor.
    we have increase and decrease font size buttons but i want to show font sizes instead of these buttons.
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    How to enable a locked column?

    I am using extjs 3.4

    From example locking-grid.html, after locking the first column, I want to edit the first column , how can I do it..
  13. can anyone suggest me how to add all the Excel features on the Grid.
    EditorPasteCopyGridPanel : this helped me in using ctrl+c ctrl+v features i am looking for ctrl+A,ctrl+x,ctrl+y,ctrl+z feature on...
  14. can any one help me how to proceed to make the first row of the paginated grid panel to be locked.
    the first row should not participate while sorting the columns.

    any suggestions on how to do it..
  15. thanks for the reply i tried as u suggested it worked
    i add this listener for column model

    listeners : {
    hiddenchange : function(colModel, colIndex, hidden) {
  16. I have CheckboxSelectionModel gridpanel, i need to stop hiding the column when i deselect from the header menu.

    screenshots for reference:

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    yes in firefox and chrome its inserting <br/> but in IE the content is set inside <p></p>.

    i need to remove <p> tags on enter key

    i tried using this override but not successful...
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    i am using extjs3.4 - Ext.form.HtmlEditor - IE
    when i type in something and press enter its creating the content in <p> do i remove these <p> tags on enter press.

    in IE :...
  19. thanks for this helped me
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    i am using extjs 3.4.

    i am trying to zoom and rotate the images inside the panel using keys( Alt+right arrow,Alt+left arrow Alt + ,Alt -).

    when i open the image from the grid panel and zoom it...
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    the content is added and stored in DB using htmleditor, when i retrieve from DB i get the message with font can i write the css dynamically?
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    i tried out this example and i have problem when i increase the font size..
    i appended <font size="6"> to summary and the summary data gets overlapped...

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