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    the documentation says there is a method on the DDProxy that is named "setInitialPosition", but actually it is named "setInitPosition".

    Greetings from Germany!
  2. Thanks for your quick answer. I tried it like this:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
  3. Hello together,

    what do I have to do with a simple drag-and-drop-proxy-object...

    var ddProxy = new Ext.dd.DDProxy('ddItem', 'theDdGroup'); the proxy will appear BESIDE the cursor? I...
  4. The "onmousedown"-Error can be resolved with a workaround in my case using the overriding-abilities.

    You can simulate a mousedown (which equals to a short dragstart in this case) when firing a...
  5. Hello and thank you for your answers! However:No, I cannot drag one or multiple rows if I try to grab them from a position where I have scrolled to. On wide tables, this is a serious problem because...
  6. Hello out there,

    I have found two bigger problems with the drag and drop-ability using two grids. The problem I found appears also on the official example. When you use the horizontal scrollbar,...
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