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  1. bump.

    I'm curious about the same thing.
  2. How has this worked out for you? I would like to do something similar, and would love to see what you came up with.

    My use case:
    A grid for scheduling appointments - a different person per...
  3. I got the DatePicker (the calender) confused with DateField (a form field that uses the calendar), and was looking on the wrong page in the API documentation.

    Rather than minValue and maxValue, I...
  4. My questions are:

    1. If I set a minValue and maxValue, are dates outside of that range supposed to be disabled/gray? Is the "Today" button supposed to go away if the range does not include today?...
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    Thanks for the great app! I'm modifying it now. :) If I end up with anything share-able, I'll pass it on.

    Best wishes,
  6. Hello wonderful people!

    It seems to me that setting a minValue and maxValue on a datepicker should make everything not within that range disabled. Right?

    So what am I doing wrong? ...
  7. Of *course* it is an array and needs brackets. Why did I spend so long on this?? Darn brackets. *kicks the brackets*

    I'll leave my post up there in case it helps anyone else.

    Thank you,...
  8. Okay, now I really do have a problem.

    The field appears, I can check items in it, and can save. Terrific! :) But, when I want to return to the page and display the field with the...
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    Great plugin! I've been using it and the client loves it.

    A word to possibly help the next guy out, though: I only store the hex (without the #) in the database. If the hex number is only...
  10. choykawairicky,

    Did you find your answer? I had a similar issue - the JSON data looked fine, and the editor grid even displayed the correct number of rows for the data, but all the rows were...
  11. You need to have the following line prior to your extJS code:

    <script language="JavaScript" src="path/to/includes/js/CFJsonReader.js"></script>

    Otherwise, the CFJsonReader will not be available...
  12. Has anyone else experienced errors using this extension with extJS 2.1? I'm getting an error that I suspect is due to CFJsonReader. ( )

  13. I guess I should mention that I suspect the conflict stems from the CFJsonReader ( ), but was curious if anyone else had experienced this who is not...
  14. Yes. The error is happening when creating the store:

    primary_DS = new{
    url: 'cfc/indication.cfc?method=getCompanyListForGrid&returnFormat=json',
  15. To reiterate that this seems to be related to the upgrade, I changed back to 2.0 and my grids work perfectly.

    The error seems to be on accessing the store but never hits the load exception.
  16. I recently upgraded to 2.1 from 2.0. With no code changes, a couple of the grids are now giving the following error in firebug:
    this.recordType.prototype has no properties

    Has anyone else...
  17. Animal,

    Yes, I completely understood about the <script> tag, thank you. :) I have the code above working for one tab. The other tab is a little more difficult due to the non-js graph included...
  18. Yes, there are syntax errors in the code I posted - I wanted to make sure I was even traveling the correct direction before diving all the way in.

    Now, I thought if I did it the way you're...
  19. Thank you for your answer!

    It seems 2.1 came out yesterday with this fix listed in the updates. Great timing! :)
  20. I hate to admit this, but I'm struggling to understand what you're suggesting I do. Can you check this to see if I'm even moving in the right direction?

    The basic premise I believe you are...
  21. Hrm. Perhaps some background would help you understand:

    Originally I had a tree view on the West with links. These links reloaded the entire page and updated tabs in the Center in the process...
  22. I suppose I'm doing something similar. I get the ext to load on the "html" pages by:

    var myTab = this.add(new Ext.Panel({
    closable: false,
  23. Hello, wonderfully helpful people!

    Well, I thought I had solved my own problem ( ), but I just got over one hurtle to encounter another, apparently. ...
  24. Isn't it funny how simply posting a question to the forum can help you solve your own problem?

    ... okay, maybe it's just me.

    I was missing the 'scripts:true' from the autoload parameter. ...
  25. Hello, wonderful people!

    I have a situation similar to the docs - the west side of the screen is a tree, and when the item is clicked, the center area automagically displays two tabs.

    Each of...
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