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    Thanks for the update.:)

    Exactly but i need samples to be on the y-axis.
    would be helpful if you guide how to have samples on y-axis.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    First of all i am struck with how to map the data in model for the charts.

    it will be helpful for me to guide me how to start with this set of data from model...
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    Hi All

    I was trying to implement bar chart using EXTJS 4 ,but i was facing some difficultly in understand
    Below is the json format

    "records": [{
  4. Hi All

    I am trying to create a sub menu list for a menu componet dynamically.

    //first i am creating the main menu...
    toolsMenuItem = Ext.create("", {
    text : 'mainmenu',...
  5. Hello

    I was trying to use itemmouseenter and itemmouseleave on the grid cell,but one problem is that i want these function to be applied to only one cell in the grid.

    Now these events are fired...
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    I was trying to hide a tab based on the flag from the database .
    i.e suppose i have 5 tabs and i need to show hide 4 tabs in this and show 1 tabs.
    i can do this by passing te id's of each...
  7. Hi

    I have Json data in the format for example

  8. Thanks Scott...Am able to generate multiple grids using single store(i.e multiple instance of store for each grid).
  9. Hi Scott

    I understood the solution that from the main store create different store based on the year filter ,but my question is that how is that i will push or create grid on the go .as i want the...
  10. Hi Scott...

    I think i am going confused .

    Hope you saw the first thread which has the attached image ,that is what i am expecting from the Json data..For each Year i want to create a Grid.Every...
  11. Hi Scott...

    One quick question.

    here in the above example i will be generating the grid based on the data from the store .i mean there will be no restriction to the total number of year.

  12. Hi

    How is that we can setup separate stores for each grids from the main store.
    can u advice on this.
  13. Hi Scott,

    I have the full control over the json data.
    To be more specific ,
    1. when i get the json data suppose if the data is like
    data: {
    "Year": [
  14. Hi

    I need a help regarding generating multiple grid using one store data file i.e

    for example

    I have a json format store data that has the information for multiple years.
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    Hi ALL

    I was looking for plugin or code that has the features of sliding in one component and sliding out other component like hide one and show other with sliding effects on click of forward...
  16. Hi

    Can can one help me in implementing iScroll in panel Ext Js in extjs 4 .I am able to only able to get the look and feel of touch on grid,but scroll is not visible .

    can anyone help me on...
  17. hi...
    sorry for that post...
    I am trying to make a replicate of the news site that is
    i have already created the grid where the contents are getting loaded from...
  18. hi
    i was trying to load the grid content which i read from the database to open in a new tab when clicked on the content...
    here is my code...
    can u please help me out....

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