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    Some new info maybe some one will be able to point me on the right track.

    I extract the decoded stream and use zlib to inflate it using the following code:

    var sreamtxt =...
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    I have a PDF file I need to manipulate inside a Sencha web APP.

    I need to load the file, search for specific patterns in the file (For example: numbers formatted like \d\d,\d\d\d etc.),...
  3. Hi

    But none of the CSS definitions I tried had any effect on the field.
    I tried boarder, background-color ...... And I used the inspector to try and find out which CSS definitions are going to...
  4. Hi,

    Yes I did try to set it to read only. It does not change the visuals of the field.
    It disables the ability to enter text but the visuals stays visuals of a field.

    I tried to change the...
  5. Hi,

    I have a form which needs to be displayed in two formats:
    1) Display format where the data is displayed as labels and text [Name : Foo Bar]
    2) Edit format where the data is displayed in...
  6. Hi,

    I'm trying to create a form which has a label displaying some data from the form's record.

    I have:

    xtype: 'formpanel',
  7. Thanks for your time.
  8. OK, But I am not going through the AppStore.

    I sencha app build package' the app then place it on my private server. I am able to navigate to the application address and the application runs. but...
  9. The icon is 60x60px
    The button is 80x80

    And it has a css configuration of:
    Background-image: url(........);
    Background-repeat: no-repeat;
    Background-position: -5px 1px

    I had to use...
  10. Yep I did build the default app before and it used to build just fine.
    The problem started when I upgraded to the latest Sencha touch version.

    IMHO a restart would clean the cache, so I don't...
  11. Hi,

    I have an issue running a Sencha built APP on android.

    When I build the app using "sencha app buil pruduction" (A server based APP) it will load on Safari but not on Chrome. When I build it...
  12. Well, this Q is unrelated to the thread but ...
    Codegen.json is created by sencha when you run the "sencha app build" command. You can find it in the .sencha/app directory (with a dot in the...
  13. Hi,

    I'm trying to position an icon on a button. I can place the icon and move it to the center of the button, but, the left side of the icon is clipped by the button.

    See the image:

  14. Hi,

    My Sencha started to build a Phantom app.
    I'm building the standard Sencha app, the one created by the "Sencha generate app" command.

    When I open index.html from the root of the...
  15. Hi,

    Thanks for the replay.

    On which element do I need to run the doLayout() ?

    Eny component I try to run it on return with :

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating...
  16. Hi,

    I'm trying to add element to a panel. I can see the elements in the items array but they either not displayed at all or only one of them is displayed filling up the entire display.

    My panel...
  17. Smashed that bug !

    The request should look like :

    var WeFindMobilePositionData = Ext.JSON.encode({"APIName":"POSITIONUPDATE",......});
    url: 'http://.........'/API/',...
  18. OK

    It seams that it is posibble. I had to add the "Content-Type" header to my "Access-Control-Allow-Headers" on the PHP script.

    Now I have a different issue. The call below does not send POST...
  19. Hi,

    I have in the same application two forms of data submitions to the same server.
    1) A form which submits as:

    url: 'http://......../API/',
    method: 'POST',
  20. Just not possible.
  21. OK

    Permissions !

    I gave full permissions to all the users on the root CMD directory and now it compiles.


    Sencha used to be such fun. Download "app generate', build and BAM !, you...
  22. OS : M$Win 7

    CMD installed at : C:\Program Files\SenchaCmd\Sencha\Cmd

    Owner -> full permissions
    System -> full permissions
    Administrators -> full permissions
    Users -> Read &...
  23. Can you give a hint on who you did that ?
    Ive waisted the last 2 day on that build issue and cant make it work.

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    Can a Sencha app display push messages (iPhone) ?

    I mean can it display messages when it is running in the background, the same way eMail notifications are displayed ...


  25. Hi,

    I'm building an app that displays a list of makers on a map.
    The markers are received from a remote server.

    When I'm using a store to get the markers, will I get an event from the store...
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