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  1. OF course.

    * ActionSheet
    * Contains buttons that slide out from the bottom when clicking "Add" (webclip)
  2. I have files:


    Ext.define('OTA.view.Config', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    xtype: 'configpanel',
    id: 'config-panel',

    requires: [
  3. I found the answer but how do I know when it's neccessary to do it.
    That is to say, how do I know that I'm overwriting existing method. Do all events should have this.callParent() just in case?

  4. Hello.

    I don't know if it's a bug.
    If I have initialize function in, it will cause tabs not to switch on mouse click (only the colour will change but the tab will not slide).
  5. Hello.

    I was wondering on how `sencha compile` works and if it's possible to minify a webapp using this command.

    I generated an application using sencha generate app command. I used this using...
  6. Hi.

    I tried to create "Cancel" button in the titlebar that is part of the `Ext.form.Panel`
    Now this button should hide this "appdata-panel", in order to find it I use getCmp() which I guess ain't...
  7. Hi.

    I could not figure out how to use `animationend` together with hideAnimation() function.

    At the end I had to call `new Ext.fx.Animation` which is a private function thus I shouldn't do...
  8. I was wondering if there is "query" that traverses upwards.
  9. Thanks for very fast reply renku. Thank you for this awesome piece of software! :)
  10. Hi.

    I tried to find within your wiki as well as by analysing the code, how to add your own icon for new BooleanTag which should stand near class.

    I tried to create a @controller...
  11. I don't follow you, could you post an example?

    Thank you a lot!
  12. I see but how do I pass the information which FieldSet/Button I'd like to fire event in, there will be many of them.
  13. But what event. Like init event? that's too early I guess.
    I don't get your idea.
  14. I'm trying to get fieldset so I can later reach webClipImage textfield.

    I've also tried different approach. but it won't find 57x57! it...
  15. Optionally there might be some different solution for that?
  16. Hello guys.

    As you can see I have a function which creates FieldSets. There can be many fieldsets and they can be removed by clicking `remove` button.

    The logic is very simple, the xtype...
  17. Perhaps I haven't, all the code I used is visible above. Any tip on method/event?
  18. Hi.

    Yes that's what I was trying to do but as you already said, it has no parents therefore .up() will never find it.

    The reason for that is that they are `dynamically allocated` (if I can use...
  19. Right, I'll have to learn breakpoints thoroughly.
  20. wow thanks a lot haduki,

    You've perfectly shown in your solution usage of get____ and callParerent() which surely will help me in further development.

    Thanks again!
  21. I understand that, that's why I tried to avoid things i did in this topic

    I used .up() which is...
  22. Hi.

    Yes but I couldn't find anything helpful :(

    Back magic
  23. Hi.

    Actually this issue is somehow connected to this one which I've posted recently...
  24. Hi.

    I have following code. Problem is:
    Webclip.current.hasParent() equals `false.
    Also Webclip.current.up('-id-') will always return undefined. Why..?

    Ext.define('IconInput', { extend:...
  25. Hello Community,

    I am trying to submit form which has dynamically generated Webclips (see screenshot), therefore name of those fields are array (Fullscreen[], IsRemovable[], etc).

    However if...
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