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  1. Hello I would like to set special format to y axis in line chart.
    I found that ChartModel has a method setYAxisLabelStyle(); and I guess that it can do it.
    Can you help me with it?
  2. Hello. I encountered with problems. I have a TreeGrid and I would like to apply ListFilter for it. TreeGrid has fields like name, login and ext. I set display field - name, but I would like to filter...
  3. Hello, I have problems with a LineChart. I would like to build LineChart with large range data for x axis.
    For example y(x) = x*x; {-1000, 1000}. I can set min x, max x and step, but all labels will...
  4. Can you tell me anything about this problem?
  5. Yes sure

    package com.sample.tree.client;

  6. Hello I have a strange behavior in TreeGrid when I set setExpandOnFilter(false). It does not open leafs after filtering.
    I made a maven project where you can testing it....
  7. I did an sample that you can check it
    It is a maven project.
  8. Ok. I wrote an epic code that to do it.

    final TextField<String> firstName = new TextField<String>();
    Button button = new Button("Search");
  9. I made a little example what I meant.

    package com.messagedna.client.widget;

  10. Hello I have a problem with StoreFilterField in tree.
    I use dynamic proxy for load branch in tree and would like to apply a filter only for root element.
    if I use StoreFilterField right now it...
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